Monday, April 28, 2008

Wii Mario Kart

When we bought the Wii I wanted Mario Kart, but it wasn't available. Yesterday I saw that it was released. So I (literally) made everybody drop what they were doing and we raced (hehe) out to Nebraska Furniture Mart (because they had a special deal on it) to pick it up. We got the last one available until more was pulled from the stock room. Whoo-hoo! I played it all day and night. Bridget tried to play with me. I am not good and she is worse, so we are a great pair. So much fun though!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I know, I know.........Kerry, make up your mind!

Okay, I have been struggling with this. When to have Becca's party? I have posted here, I have chatted with people, I have sent emails. I have changed my mind about 47 times. It is final now:

May 10th at 11:00.
There will be some really fun entertainment.
You won't want to miss it!
The kids are going to love it!


The twins were born yesterday. Everybody is healthy and happy. Dennis was born at 7:40 and weighed 7-13, Daniel was born 24 minutes later at 8:04 and weighed 6-11. Those are some big twins! Dennis is bigger than either of my girls were as singles. Kudos to Tonya for giving her twins such a great start to life. And just a note, the babies do not have middle names yet.

We went to visit the family last night. We got there just as Tonya's parents arrived with Delainey, Kynzie, and Max. I don't think Kynzie could be any more excited. She sort of indicated, in a not subtle sort of way, that these were HER babies. Bridget, as usual, held them, but she is not into babies. She thinks they are sort of gross with the diapers, poop, and spit-up. One of the babies had some spit bubbles, not even spit up and she was done! Becca is fascinated with babies. She held each one as long as we let her.

Congratulations so the newly enlarged family of seven!

Uncle Schaun provided little KU caps to the newest family members.

Friday, April 25, 2008


For anybody planning to attend Becca's birthday party, it is NOT going to be next weekend. My original plan was to have it next Sunday, but since I have failed to actually plan it, that isn't going to happen then. The 11th is her actual birthday and it is Mother's Day, so that day is out. The 18th seems like a good day, but that is my Gramma's birthday and family will want to go to the nursing home. The 25th is Memorial Day weekend and people generally have plans. This goes on. The next weekend is JUNE 1 and Kristin and Mark are moving that weekend. That puts us at June 8th.

So I could do it the afternoon of the 18th and hope that Gramma can be visited in the morning, or maybe waiting until June is better. If you care strongly one way or the other, let me know. I really want it to be when the most people can make it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last night I didn't want to make dinner and I had some Little Ceasar's build your own individual pizzas that I let the girls loose with. They thought it was a blast and it was fun to see how different they turned out. Bridget's was all perfect and flat while Becca made a tower.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A conversation with Becca

Today started with Bridget leaving for a playdate with the little girl that lives behind us. Becca was very distraught about her leaving. Very, very sad. After her heartbreaking crying spell ended, Daddy offered her some Combos (ewwww yuck) and that made her happy again. Later she told me "the pizza pretzels Daddy gave me made everything alright again"
Awwwwww, so sweet!

While Bridget was gone, Becca and I went and had lunch with my mom. For my birthday present, mom gave me cash since I don't have anything in mind that I actually want. On the way home from her house, this is the conversation I had with Becca:

Becca: Mommy are we going to buy your birthday present?
Me: No, we are going home.
Becca: What do you want to get for your birthday?
Me: I'm not sure yet.
Becca: How about a brace-a-let?
Me: Well, that would be a nice present.
Becca: How about a neck-a-lace? Do you want a neck-a-lace?
Me: That would be pretty too. I'm not sure what I want though.
Becca: How about a new ring? Do you have too many rings?
Me: Well, I have some, but I mostly just wear my wedding ring.
Becca: (very excited voice) You get rings when you marry your daddy?
Me: Well, you get a wedding ring at your wedding, but you don't marry your daddy. You marry a different boy that you love.
Becca: (without missing a beat) I love Caden.
Me: Becca, you are too young to get married.
Becca: I love Caden and I am getting older everyday.

In case you are new here, Becca usually wins in all her conversations.

Why to carry a camera at all times

I keep a small camera in my purse at all times. Some people think that is a little strange, but it has come in handy so many times. For example, today at Target. Target you ask. Yep, at Target. I went to make a return and while leaving the parking lot I saw the cutest car ever! It is a Hello Kitty VW Bug! How cool is that? It even had these super cute hubcaps and the license plate said Meow. Soooooo stinkin cute!


On Thursday I drove up North to pick up a headboard for Becca's bed. It wouldn't be right to drive all that way and not meet up with my Northland friend Shawn. We stopped by a scrapbook store that neither of us had been to yet. Then we had a yummy Mexican lunch. After lunch I introduced Bethany to Pop Rings (insert evil laugh). Then off to the expanded Florilegium for some fibericious eye-candy. Mother Nature was polite enough to wait until I made my treck home before she started to dump the rain. Here are a couple photos of Shawn with Bethany, Becca and me, and Becca proudly showing off her green/blue tongue from her Pop Ring.

Friday, April 18, 2008



I made something!

It is a canvas for Bridget's room.

It felt good to create something and I think it is pretty darn cute! Also, I didn't buy one single thing to make this.

The saying (in case it is not readable) says: Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smile people!

Just thinking.

That was the spot I left for all the smart ass comments.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store. Generally when I'm out I look at people. I say hello to strangers and give friendly smiles. No big deal right? Well, I am discovering that maybe it is.

Monday, I was getting out of the van and heading into the store. A lady was walking past about the same time. I smiled and said hi. She stopped and looked at me. She smiled and proceeded to say how nice that it was that I did that. Really? It was like I paid for her groceries. We walked into the store together and we agreed that it was nice to see the sun out. Then she touched my arm, said thanks, and went about her shopping.

A few weeks ago, I past an elderly man in an aisle of a store. I said hi as we passed. Next thing I know the man came beside me (he was walking the other direction) and said that was so kind of me to acknowledge him. Really?

Both times, it made me feel good, but also sad. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I'm Miss Sunshine, far from it. But is it so rare to give a polite smile and hello in passing? I didn't think so, but I'm testing it now. People really don't acknowledge each other. I guess everybody is in a big rush all the time. I'm not sure why, but you might try it. It isn't time consuming to look up and smile. You never know--it just might make somebody's day a little brighter.

The good and the bad

The Good:
It is suppose to be nice temperature today.
I only have to take one kid to school.
A book I have been waiting 4 months for is finally available at the library.
I have internet and printing abilities on one computer now.
American Idol is on tonight.
I found an affordable, new picket fence headboard for Becca finally.

The Bad:
It is tax day and we owe.... AGAIN.
I have printing ability, but I'm out of ink.
The nice temps are going to come along with a lot of wind.
We missed Desperate Housewives and it didn't record.
The above headboard is in North KC and is out of my comfy driving perimeter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A celebration for Kameron

Today we celebrated Kameron's 4th birthday at a Flip Zone. That is a fun place, the kids have so much fun there!

I need to get outside and take more photos. I did a terrible job with the camera today. I took so many blurry photos. Just awful. I forgot that the zoom lens needs a little bit more stability. I hate when I do stupid things like that!

A night out

Yesterday, we went to visit my gramma. She was happy to see the girls and it was a nice visit. It had been way too long since we had been there. Then we had lunch with my mom. The girls like to eat at Applebee's, so that is what we had. We got home, and Schaun who had been home alone all day wanted to go out. He practically had to drag us out the door, but off we went.

We almost went to the Great Mall to walk around, but just trying to park didn't go smooth, so we drove away. We made a stop at Barnes & Noble where the girls got to pick out a couple books. In the move I realized what a problem I have with books. I like to buy them and keep them forever. During the packing I gave a ton away and while unpacking I realized I still had too many. So I just made a donation to the library. Needless to say, I did not get any.

We stopped and had dinner at Mimi's. I have never been there. It was a cute place and the food was alright. The kids meals were really good as they came with huge slices of fruit like honeydew, pineapple, orange, and cantaloupe. The best part was dessert though. This kids meal comes with a "dirt cup". The girls were a little hesitant about it because it was so dirt like, but once we convinced them that we would not actually feed them dirt and it was chocolate, they were all over it. We all laughed and had a fun night.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunny Days

A year ago, that is what we had. Sunny days. The girls were wearing short sleeves and shorts. How long can this Winter go on? I heard a rumor that it may hit the 70's next week. I'll believe it when I feel it.

This week I gave two massages. Wow, that is a record for about the past year, lol. I also received a massage too, it was fantastic! (Thanks Dolly!) It was an uneventful week. I have made progress in the scrap room and might actually get to use it next week. Today we are going to visit my gramma and tomorrow is my nephew's 4th birthday party. So you bet there will be new photos soon!

Other things coming up and looking forward to are:
-the girls dance recital
-Bridget's Kindergarten graduation
-my birthday
-Schaun's birthday
-Becca's birthday (which is on Mother's Day, so her party will be on May 4th)
-the birth of twin nephews (hopefully on their own birthday and not somebody else's since they will have to share that day already)
-going to Deanna Rose
-the end of the school year
-getting decorations on my walls (I'm not decisive)
-scrapbooking again
-getting a pet bird (looking into African Grey's)
-Schaun grilling and smoking food on weekends

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shaggy no more

The girls got much needed, over due hair cuts yesterday. I've been putting it off because they both have picture days at school this month. Bridget just wants to be Rapunzel and have long flowing hair. This may never happen though. Her hair grows SO slow. The length of her hair is it without any major cutting, just regular trims. Becca said she wanted to have her hair short "off her neck, but not like Daddy's". So, I let Laura cut it a little bit. It really does look cute on her. Bridget is such a poser. She now wants to always be holding some sort of prop when I take her picture.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Week in Review

Last weekend I started to hang all these big flowers that I bought at Hobby Lobby in Becca's room. It is turning out cute! I need to paint a shelf and frame a couple things, then she will be all set. Bridget is being VERY patient with me and her room. Just this week I took a couple boxes of stuff out of there that had no reason for bing there in the first place. I made a big difference in her floor space. Other exciting things, I got our master closet all organized and am trying to get the family to use hampers. (We are experts at throwing clothes on the floors.) The scrap room is not coming along. I feel guilty when I go there because everything else is not perfectly right yet. I get distracted easily too, so a lot of just a little here and there gets taken care of.

I had conferences with both of Bridget's teachers this week. Her morning class is the true Montessori class. Mrs. Paris just loves having Bridget. She is a great student on a social and educational level. Bridget and one other boy are the oldest kids in the room. Bridget takes the job of helping the younger children very serious. Mrs. Paris said that she just knows that if she and her assistant are tied up, that Bridget is always watching and just steps up and helps. She is the example of the room. We are just busting with pride for this kid.

Her afternoon class is Kindergarten. The year started out as a huge challenge for Bridget. They don't get to choose their work in this class, it is more structured, stricter and more challenging than the mornings. She struggled with the concept of learning, but now she is soaring. She would get frustrated when presented with something foreign and now she is curious and always whats to know more. Her reading and writing are very good. She has always been more drawn to numbers over letters. So her math skills are really good. Mrs. Crawford feels that she is more than prepared for next year, the transition to public school and first grade should not be difficult. I hope not. Bridget is sad (as am I ) that she has to leave this school, but she is also excited about the new school.

Other news, the gerbils have names finally. I told Becca that she must decide on names today. She has been given LOTS of choices. She agreed to Jinx and Lucky. Freddy is doing great. He really seems to like being held. We have learned that he expects treats though when you hold him. Better not show up without some fruit or veggies in hand.

I still look around for the cat and I miss her. The joy the girls are getting from the new pets makes up for the loss I feel though.

Schaun traded in his car this week. It was a great car for us. It needed very few repairs over the years, but it was almost at 100K miles, so out with the old. He now has a Mercury Mountaineer. It looks nice and maybe one day soon I'll get a ride in it. lol.

I apologize for the lack of photos. I'll get back into photographer mode here soon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Welcome to the family

So we let the girls adopt some rodents. They are cute though. Bridget really, really, really wanted a guinea pig. I tried to talk her into a hamster, but she knew what she wanted. Becca told me she wanted some mice. I said NO WAY! I just spent the last 5 1/2 years trying to catch or kill mice, we are not adopting any. I showed her the gerbils and she loved them. The guinea pig has been named Freddy and the gerbils are still nameless. Any name we suggest to her she just rejects because it wasn't her idea. My only real concern is that we don't know if the gerbils are the same sex or not.