Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

Yesterday we went to Gardner to see this hot air balloon festival. I wasn't sure what this would be about. It could be a total waste of time or really cool. It was somewhere in the middle. Not super exciting, but cool to see so many hot air balloons at once. Of course, we didn't go into the main part of the crowds and things for the kids to play on. We stayed over on the far side of this pond which turned out great for pictures. It made a nice reflection of the balloons.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally, the end of the year is here!

Honestly, I started this school year with dread. I didn't want to work it, but I know most people don't want to work a job. So poor me right?

I am done working at the Montessori school. At least full-time work-- I told them I would be glad to substitute. It is just the five day a week obligation without any way of having time off that was just too much. I feel some sadness with this. I will be leaving a friend that I enjoyed going to work with everyday. We had some good laughs over the past two years.

This year started out rough with Bridget's teacher and the testing that went on. Things worked out by the end of the year though. Bridget gained confidence thru this year. I think, sadly, that it partly due to her not liking her teacher and partly due to maturing a bit.

Becca is an official Kindergarten graduate! She is ready to move on to the elementary school. I will miss the montessori setting so much. Bridget did well in it, but Becca really flourished in it!

So now I am the mother to a third and first grader. Yikes!

Since I was not able to leave work these past few weeks, I don't have pics of Bridget. I do have pics of Becca's last days and graduation ceremony.