Friday, April 04, 2008

Week in Review

Last weekend I started to hang all these big flowers that I bought at Hobby Lobby in Becca's room. It is turning out cute! I need to paint a shelf and frame a couple things, then she will be all set. Bridget is being VERY patient with me and her room. Just this week I took a couple boxes of stuff out of there that had no reason for bing there in the first place. I made a big difference in her floor space. Other exciting things, I got our master closet all organized and am trying to get the family to use hampers. (We are experts at throwing clothes on the floors.) The scrap room is not coming along. I feel guilty when I go there because everything else is not perfectly right yet. I get distracted easily too, so a lot of just a little here and there gets taken care of.

I had conferences with both of Bridget's teachers this week. Her morning class is the true Montessori class. Mrs. Paris just loves having Bridget. She is a great student on a social and educational level. Bridget and one other boy are the oldest kids in the room. Bridget takes the job of helping the younger children very serious. Mrs. Paris said that she just knows that if she and her assistant are tied up, that Bridget is always watching and just steps up and helps. She is the example of the room. We are just busting with pride for this kid.

Her afternoon class is Kindergarten. The year started out as a huge challenge for Bridget. They don't get to choose their work in this class, it is more structured, stricter and more challenging than the mornings. She struggled with the concept of learning, but now she is soaring. She would get frustrated when presented with something foreign and now she is curious and always whats to know more. Her reading and writing are very good. She has always been more drawn to numbers over letters. So her math skills are really good. Mrs. Crawford feels that she is more than prepared for next year, the transition to public school and first grade should not be difficult. I hope not. Bridget is sad (as am I ) that she has to leave this school, but she is also excited about the new school.

Other news, the gerbils have names finally. I told Becca that she must decide on names today. She has been given LOTS of choices. She agreed to Jinx and Lucky. Freddy is doing great. He really seems to like being held. We have learned that he expects treats though when you hold him. Better not show up without some fruit or veggies in hand.

I still look around for the cat and I miss her. The joy the girls are getting from the new pets makes up for the loss I feel though.

Schaun traded in his car this week. It was a great car for us. It needed very few repairs over the years, but it was almost at 100K miles, so out with the old. He now has a Mercury Mountaineer. It looks nice and maybe one day soon I'll get a ride in it. lol.

I apologize for the lack of photos. I'll get back into photographer mode here soon.


Lisa said...

Isn't it a great feeling talking to teachers when your child is doing so well?? :) You have lots to be proud of!!

Maricar said...

I'm glad the conferences went well!

Shawn said...

So glad they had good reviews! It will be nice to have all your stuff organized too :)

Mcmuffy said...

Whew you're a busy woman!! Glad you got good reviews. Can't wait to see all your organized rooms.