Friday, March 28, 2008

Life goes on

Okay, I'm dealing with the cat sadness. I told the girls and they initially didn't seem to care. Which was a relief that I didn't have to deal with them crying (like when the school pet died at Bridget's school), but it also made me sad, that it seems, I am the only one that IS sad. A while back we told them that some day when the cat was not with us, they could get other pets--guinea pigs and hamsters and such little creatures. That is all they centered on. Later, Becca had three major full fledged crying break downs over little things. This is not normal for her. Bridget sat and told me that she would miss the cat and maybe she would come back. I told her she wasn't coming back and then she seemed more sad.

Now the rest of the family is all anxious to run out and get little creatures. So I am the only one mourning the cat here.

In other news, Becca has decided that she can actually dress herself. I knew that she could but didn't press the issue. She is the baby you know. I don't have anybody else to dress. The first couple days she matched everything really nicely. Yesterday she got a little silly and thought she looked so beautiful. She had the yellow striped shirt with the multi-colored heart pattern pants with the Dora sun hat and to complete the outfit--ruby red, glitter slippers. I've seen crazier from Bridget, so I know she can kick it up still, but it was cute.

Also this week I lost my debit card. I have never done such a stupid thing before. The Bank very kindly didn't make a big deal about it. Then my Adobe program (where all my photos are stored) just wouldn't open. It gave me an error that said the license stopped working and the program will not run. Thankfully this is Schaun's area. It took him a few minutes but he fixed me all back up and my photos are all safe. (They are backed up, but loading them again would suck).

Thank you to all my family and friends that kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.


We will miss you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


As I sit here trying to type thru my tears, I know what I must do. This might be the hardest decision and thing I've had to do so far in my life.

To my family and friends that feel so inclined, I could use some prayers for peace in my decision and some extra strength to get thru this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Not frozen water.
My cat. Her name is Ice (for those that don't already know that).
She is old.
18 years to be precise.

For some time now, she has had litter box issues. Sometimes she will use it and sometimes not. I did find that when she chooses not to use it she will use the little puppy potty training pads right next to the stupid box that she is ignoring. So it is unpleasant, but under control. She does have some weird issues. You cannot leave a towel on the bathroom floor and I cannot have any sort of bathmats. Those are magnets for her to wet on them.

She doesn't look very good. What is to be expected from a 18 year old cat though.
She wants to eat all the time and I have been feeding her 3-4 times a day now, but she is not gaining or loosing weight.

These are not good things health wise I know. BUT she doesn't seem to be in pain or have any other signs of sickness.

Today I caught her trying to wet on my brand spankin new dining room (aka playroom) area rug. I caught her and sent her packing to the proper place. This is a new problem.

I have internal conflict. I know she is not the cute, playful kitty she once was. She sneezes on you sometimes and it is yucky. She has bathroom issues. She tries to steal every bite of food from your plate. I also don't want my house ruined and smelly.

Can I justify the inevitable end sooner rather than later?
I sensibly feel that I should, but.........
I just don't know if I really can.

Off to get some tissues now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A fence story

I thought moving to a house without a fenced yard would be a huge big deal. So far, it has not been that much of an issue (except for not being able to keep the neighbor's puppy out). The dogs are doing an amazing job of staying where they should be. I think I have only had to redirect them one time in the past month.

I do want the yard fenced though. We only need about 33 feet to finish it. I am shocked at the price of 33 feet of fence. So far I have received two bids--$700 and $650! Really? Those prices do include a gate also, but still. That just seems high to me.

I have checked out the DIY fence building and it doesn't seem THAT hard. You might soon find me outside with a shovel and nails.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A little thing to ponder on

My new neighbors have a puppy and a fenced yard.
We have 2 mature dogs and a not complete fenced yard.

Why is their fenced in puppy always out running the neighborhood or in my yard jumping on my old dog?

There is just something wrong about this.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Disney Princess Wishes on Ice


This show was phenomenal! It was worth every penny! The costumes were great! The sound was good. The skaters were fantastic! I just loved it! Oh! The girls were excited about it too. I didn't tell them what we were doing until we pulled up in front of the building this morning. There were a lot of little girls dressed in Princess attire. Bridget noticed right away and asked why there were all the girls dressed up in the streets. They were SO EXCITED when I told them what we were there for.

We had really good seats--4 rows from the ice. Very fun! My favorite was the Sleeping Beauty part. The dragon was so cool and it was a real fire breathing dragon! They actually lit the ice on fire. I was super impressed!

Becca and Bridget can't decide on their favorite part. Since we have been home all they have done in act out the show over and over. I guess they really did like it. Bridget did love it all but she is all about Tinker Bell. Tink was sort of the host of the show. She would come out and sprinkle pixie dust around between Princesses. It rained bubbles during the Ariel scene and that was a huge hit with the entire audience. (I took a lot of photos, but it is hard to take great photos of people ice skating.)

It was such a fun day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A living commercial

So maybe Bridget watches too much tv--maybe. Very often she informs me of the benefits of things she has seen on commercials. Space Bags and The Organizer purse are her favorites. She has explained the benefits of these to me in detail many times. Tonight she told me that she needs some Reeses Puffs cereal because when you eat them "amazing things happen to you". When she says these things it just cracks me up. Just thinking about the sincerity she has when she informs me of these things always makes me laugh.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A happy 6th birthday party

Some didn't think that I should have attempted to have a party with the chaotic state my new house was in on Friday, but it turned out just fine. We worked hard Saturday and Sunday morning and it turned out just fine. Bridget would have liked more decorations, but she loved her Tinkerbell theme. We ordered the cake from Hen House and it was very cute and I thought it tasted really good. Bridget wanted chocolate cake, and I know not everybody wants that, but it was her party. She received lots of really nice gifts. Thank you to everybody!

(I don't know what the deal is with blogger eating all my photos!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog Challenge

I've just won $50,000. The catch is that it must be spent in 2 days.

I'm sure this would not be a problem.

1. I'm paying somebody to fence my yard.
2. I'm paying somebody to build us a new deck and patio.
3. We will take a first class trip to Disney World and stay in the Cinderella Castle.
4. Schaun and I would take a romantic vacation to Hawaii. So I would have to pay Stacy for a whole bunch of child care on top of the trip cost.

I wonder how much I've spent now?

5. A family trip to Europe would be fun.
Other random things:
I'd like a new Mac laptop and desktop with a big giant monitor.
New wardrobes for the family.
A horse :-)

I told you that wouldn't be a problem.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Week in Review


But I am also thankful. I need to thank my mom for help in cleaning, moving my cabinet, breakables and helping with the girls. I cannot thank my neighbors (well, previous neighbors) Diane and Rod enough. I'm sure they are sick of seeing me at their door now! They let me put some of my embarrassing amount of trash with theirs. They entertained my kids and fed them.They helped fixed things. They sent their kid to my new house to fix a problem. They are just helpful and understanding. I will miss having you next door!

Lost tooth

A couple weeks ago I reported that Bridget lost her first tooth. I have failed to post a photo of her new gap. So here she is.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catholic "Charities"

Okay, so we have gotten rid of everything in the house except for the stuff we promised to Catholic Charities. They told us last week that they would come pick up the 2 sofas and 2 loveseats that we had to give them. They did show up today. They gladly took one set of sofa and loveseat. They took my bedroom set. They took the 4 bags of clothes and shoes. They took the lamps. The second sofa and loveseat was not good enough for them. These people are not really a charity in my opinion. They said they might consider taking it if I gave them a $50 donation. Ummmmmm didn't I just make a donation? They only want things that are almost new so that they can sell them! They are not giving these to people that might need the stuff. If I had known this before I would have given it away on Sunday. Now I still have to deal with this. Crap! Charity-ha! What scammers!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


That sums it up. That is how I feel.

I am frustrated.
I am annoyed.
I am not annoyed, that is too mild.
I am just angry.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

You can't even imagine

So I left the old house last night about midnight.

Basically the garage and basement were full of LOTS of stuff.

There was just so so so much. Too much for me to deal with. So I posted my ad for a Garage Free Sale on Craig's list this morning. You wouldn't believe it! It was hilarious the amount of people that showed and loaded up. I had enough to fill a trailer and several pickup trucks. People just loaded and loaded and loaded. They took anything I would let them. There were so many trucks lining the street my neighbor came to see what was going on (since we moved out and all, lol). It is hard for me to give stuff away like this, but it was absolutely necessary. It feels so good to be rid of all of that.

Now things are controllable. Whew! Such a relief.

All functioning

Yippy! Everything is working now! Got the new dryer and laundry is in process. The fridge is cold and makes ice and gives me water on demand. Cable has been working since Schaun fixed it. Ahhhhh, now that feels good.

I have until next Saturday at noon to get my other pit cleaned out. Ugh! It is horrible the amount of stuff that is there. It is not just trash, but stuff somebody could use. Today I am having a garage free sale that I'm listing on Craig's list. I hope that people will come take some things. I have some place that calls me all the time coming on Tuesday for a pick-up and Catholic Charities is coming on Thursday to pick up some large things (sofa and loveseats).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Week in Review

Friday, this is when THIS week started. This was moving day. I was frantically packing up until the last minute, while Schaun's priority was getting the cable hooked up in the new house. So he was gone all morning. It was nice (for him) that evening when the cable was all set up, but the living room tv only worked for a few hours that day and then it went out. The cable company informed me that my tv had gone off-line and we would require a service call to fix it. They were so sorry for the inconvenience that they set the service appointment up for Tuesday. Great--no tv babysitter for me.

Saturday, was alright. I was very sore, but enjoying the house--even with all the boxes and chaos.

Sunday, the dryer was plugged in and promptly blew up. I didn't get that upset though, I'm still enjoying my new house so much. Much more important this day, Bridget lost her first tooth without any drama. I did take pictures, but I cannot locate my card reader right now.

Monday, got the girls to school in the nick of time. Had a meeting at the Scrapbook Page and I will be taking a break from teaching this quarter. Got my hair cut and colored--love that. Took the minimal amount of dirty laundry and washed it at my mom's house. Went and bought a new dryer that cannot be delivered until Saturday. Normally this would seem okay, but since the same place was delivering my new fridge on Tuesday, I thought maybe they could come together--nope, not a chance. Finally, get back to the house with a few articles of clean clothes and relax a bit.

Tuesday, big day--cable and fridge get set up. First the cable guy arrives and spends about 10 minutes here and has the cable working. Great! Next, the fridge gets here. It is big and perfect. Oh wait--the water line in the house doesn't fit into the fridge. The dude starts to tell me how to resolve this issue in some plumber language that I guess I should know since I bought a refrigerator right? well I don't. I nod at him like I knew what he said and sent him out the door. Shortly after he left, wishing I had a full functioning new fridge, the cable went out again. Ugh! I need to fix dinner though, no time for that now. It is like the house is rejecting us. It doesn't want the things we are trying to hook into it. I still love the house though. Just a little frustration setting in.

Wed., Becca woke in the middle of the night VERY upset. She fell asleep Tues evening about 5:30. She was zonked, I could not wake her to eat or potty. So the poor thing had an accident in bed. It wasn't terrible. She woke up a little wet, but managed to get to the bathroom to finish. She was still upset thought. And now I have potty sheets and clothes and no damn dryer! Grrrrrr! Oh well, I can wash them at least.

I get the girls to school and immediately head to Home Depot. The nice lady there knows me and knows something is wrong. I tell her about the water line issue and she calls the delivery company to find out what I need (because I could not even start to repeat what the dude already told me). She proceeds to get this guy on the phone who somehow knows what the problem is. She hands me the phone and tells me to get the info from the guy. Ummmm, okay, I'll play. I take the phone, he tells me the same plumber talk the other dude told me that I didn't understand the first time. I'm super frustrated now. I tell him to hold on. I tell her to go get somebody that understands plumber talk over to this phone. The issue was resolved after I had the entire Home Depot staff putting their heads together on this. The delivery people are now set up to return to my house and instill the water line on Friday.

Then I headed to the Time Warner office to return the stupid box. I get there and they switch it out for me. They don't even ask why I want to switch it. Great job there folks. Funny thing here. The girls were with me and their mascot is the Road Runner bird. There are also these commercials with the Road Runner for a car dealer place (I think) and it is The girls see the big painted Road Runner on the wall and get all excited about seeing "Beep Beep dot Com". It was funny to me at least.

This is dance night. So after, I spent some time cleaning the old house and about 40 minutes taking out trash, 2 hours in the waiting area at the dance studio, we got back home about 7:30. Schaun hooked up the cable and it has been good since. Ahhhh, it is good to be watching tv in my new (still chaotic) house.

Thursday, today. I have located my card reader so maybe tomorrow I will get some photos on here. I finished painting the touch-up I needed in Becca's room today and assembled some shelving for the scraproom. Stayed home most of the day. Becca enjoyed being able to watch her shows during the day. It was almost normal. I (hesitantly)asked the girls if they liked our new house and thankfully they said they did. Tomorrow the fridge is suppose to get hooked into the water line and Saturday we get a dyer. I have never looked forward to doing a lot of laundry, but I am right now.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm so sore!

Thursday night I slept about 3 hours. I sat down to eat a sandwich about 2:30am and I fell asleep, sitting up on the sofa, with the plate and sandwich in my lap. I didn't plan on sleeping at all, but my body said otherwise. I got up and moving about 6:00 and packed more boxes non-stop until 11:15 when the moving company called and said they would not be to us until 1:00 (we had a window appointment set from 11:00 to 1:00). So then I took a break. We managed to fill that entire moving truck and we didn't bring out master bedroom set or the 2 sofa and 2 love seats we have. Sheesh we have alot of stuff! I will admit that A LOT of what was moved went to the scraproom, but hey, I gotta have it. And let me just say that again-- I HAVE A SCRAPROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPY!!!!!!!!!

Now after a full night of sleep, I woke up and my legs are so sore! Yowzers! Guess I was running on adrenaline and didn't notice how hard I was working.

So right now, we have 2 houses in chaos. At least I get to live in the nice one now though. We have a few things that need to be done asap. Most important to me is getting the washer and dryer set up. We have to switch out a plug and get some hoses or something. We need a fence because walking dogs is not fun. The poor dogs are a little freaked out. They just walk around and whimper and cry (Belle more than Daisy).

Becca started to cry last night, she wanted to go back to the other house and sleep in her yellow room. Bridget realized that Becca's room is bigger and she was unhappy about that. This morning everything seems better though. Bridget slept on the sofa because we didn't get her bed set up, so she thought that was fun. Becca slept all night in her room. I think we were all a bit tired yesterday. So now to clean the old house and unpack and organize the new one.

As my sister pointed out, I forgot to say how great it was to sleep here. That was great, but even better was waking up here all refreshed!