Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Decorating" the tree

So it seems we are not doing this fast enough. We got the tree home and put the lights on it. We don't have the decorations out yet. Soooooooooooo my dear daughters decided to decorate their own way. Look close at that tree. Yep, that is a shoe. Yep, a swimming pool intertube. Yep, necklaces. Yep, measuring cups. The were very proud of themselves and I was cracking up.

Chrismas Tree

Last Friday we went out to get our Christmas tree. We ususally wait until about a week before Christmas, but since the girls are old enough to get it now, we are starting early this year. The weather was so nice. We didn't even need jackets on.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Thanksgiving photos


Thanksgiving was nice. I was sick, but I went anyways. I didn't eat anything, but I still enjoyed being there. Bridget and Becca were PERFECT all day. At my family's meal, they played with each other so quiet and they actually ate. I was very thankful for that. After that, we went home and napped for a couple hours. Schaun went out on his bike and rode over to his parents. Dinner over there was great as always. I really love Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving Tradition

I know there might be one or two that I don't remember, but all Thanksgiving meals for my family take place at my Aunt's house. Oh wait, a couple years back, my brother hosted at his new house. But traditionally, it is at my Aunt's.

It used to be simple. The adults sat at the dining room table and the kids sat at the kitchen table. Nowadays things are not that simple. We have grown in numbers and it is a little crowded. We manage though. Not everybody is sitting at a table, but it is all good.

My family serves a lunchtime meal. This has turned out to be perfect for my marriage. When we finish our meal here, we make a pitstop home to let the dogs out, then we are off for our next meal at my in-laws. They serve a dinner.

The numbers are growing over with this side of my family too but it was always large, so it doesn't seem so different.

Both meals are yummy. I am so glad that nobody expects me to cook too. I don't know what my favorite part is. I love the turkey, mashed potatoes, the stuffing, and my mother in-laws cranberries are so good.

I can't wait for this meal. Got my mouth all watery.

Family photo day

One of the days my husband dreads the most. Well, it happened today.

Other than Becca's hair being totally out of control, it went just fine.

Oh my goodness

Oh my! I didn't give thanks here for anything all week.

To sum up this week, I am very thankful for my van.

For many years I drove a Mazda 626. It was fun before kids. It was a 5 speed, with a sunroof, and I really loved that car. But getting kids out of carseats was just not fun. It was too low and was hard on my back. So last Christmas, Schaun received a fantastic bonus and I got my van!

It is not brand new, but I love it. I so love the remote controlled auto sliding doors and the locks. They really makes things easier.

I was running around all week, first looking for storage containers and then looking for coordinating clothes. That van is so comfy and makes running around seem not so bad.

We are having a family photo taken today. I'm off to get us all ready. I'll post the photos later. Hope everybody cooperates.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The garage

This may seem silly to some, but I am so thankful we have a two car garage.

Since Becca was born and needed a bedroom, I lost my scraproom and got booted to the basement. So, thankfully the girls like to ride tricycles and play in the garage while I'm in my area down here. It works out nice.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Date Night

Schaun and I needed a night out. We were snapping at the girls and I hate that. I called my mom. Very thankful that she is usually willing to come over and babysit.

We went and had dinner at the Longbranch. We had some decent steaks, deliecious baked potatoes, and I love their cheese bread. It was early, so then we went to the Mall. We are having a family photo taken soon and we need some coordinating clothes. I didn't have any luck with that, but I was thankful to just get out and just be with Schaun for a few hours.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Children's Mercy

Today I am thankful that we made our last trip to Children's Mercy.

Becca had many appointments for the hemangioma below her eye.

Now that it is almost gone, there are no more concerns, and no more appointments.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thankful for my Friends

Today I met my friend Shawn and her sweetie pie, Bethany at a special little craft show. Our friend Anna told us about it. Anna's mother has this show at ther house each year. She has a beautiful home and she takes out the furniture and sets up tables for all the great Christmas goodies.

I came home with the first of my Christmas shopping!

Thanks for telling me about the good stuff girls!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Beautiful day -- Take photos

November 8

It is November 8th and the temp is predicted to be 81 today!

Yep. That is what I'm thankful for today.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chinese Food Tuesday

Today I am thankful for Tuesdays.

For the last few years, on Tuesdays, I meet my Aunt and my Gramma at China Star. I used to take Bridget with me and all of the staff and the owner know her. Now that Bridget is in school all morning, I take Becca. She is not as friendly to strangers as her sister, but she sure does eat better.

It is nice just to have time to chat and laugh about things each week.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thankful in November

I'm not sure who started this, I got it from Shawn. Post something positive everyday in November. I'm going to make it things I'm thankful for.

Today I am thankful for several things.

1. Bridget seems to be better today.

2. That we have two tv's with cableboxes. (Yes I know it shouldn't be a babysitter but somedays you do what you gotta do).

3. Online banking.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

If I were different

I would be more understanding.

But, I am just me.

I hate unreasonable self-pity and monumental temper tantrums.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know you really want to see pictures, but I'm having some problems with blogger, so I'll have to try and post them later.

Since early this year, Bridget knew she wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween, Since we already had the "official" Barbie as Rapunzel dress, we just needed hair and poof, she was ready. Becca was not that easy. Before I had even thought about what she would be Schaun had convinced her she wanted to be a scary monster. Well, they don't make monster costumes in her size that I could find anyways). Sooooooo, I decided to make one myself. I bought this soft, pretty fabric and a pattern. I really do not know how to sew. I enlisted the help of my gramma and on Monday we sewed it together. The pretty fabric turned out to be very difficult to actually sew on, but we managed.

We started our adventure with a trip to Schaun's office. Then we went to my mom's and got some goodies there. Next we went to Schaun's mom's. The girls were a little sad that Papa was not there, but they got over it when the candy started flowing. We trick or treated over in Gramma's neighborhood until we were just too cold. Bridget was so good when people would tell her to take one or two pieces. Both girls were so polite, thanking everybody. It was a fun night, even if it was cold.