Monday, June 21, 2010

Becca says

Becca is my ornery, stubborn child. She does not fear consequences. She knows them, weighs them, and then decides if "it" is worth the risk. She has been pushing the limits with us though. We have been tougher on her lately. She is feeling the pressure to modify her actions and words, and doesn't like it.

Almost every evening we go outside and hang out in the driveway and cul-de-sac. Last night we had only been out for a few minutes when Becca decided to be a bit ornery to Bridget. Bridget chastised her for the action and Becca proceeded to her famous pout mode in return. She was slowly coming my way with a very unhappy face and informed me that things in her life were not going all the great. I suggested that maybe she should think about her actions and words and notice how they make others feel.That she needs to think about how they would make her feel. There was a little pause on her part and I had a silly little moment when I thought I might have gotten my point across. Nope.

Her response was......."Maybe I am not the right kid for you."

I didn't know to laugh or cry at that statement. So I just stared at her dumbfounded, with a gaping mouth, thinking how scared I am of the teenage version of this child.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

It's that time again, dance recital. This year Bridget was in three dances and Becca in two. So if you know how much the poorly made costumes run, add those numbers up and feel the pain I did when I paid for them. Of course they look adorable in them, so it is worth it in the end.

Both girls were in a tumbling act done to music from Aladdin. Becca was the "mid-west farmer's daughter" in her tap dance to California Girls. Bridget was in a hip-hop dance and a pom/jazz act. Becca likes it all, but doesn't love it like Bridget does. Last summer Bridget took just a tumbling class and really took to it. She practices her moves ALL the time. I find myself telling her to spend some time right-side-up.

Later this week, after we get haircuts :-) I am going to take some still shots of them in the costumes, but here they are from last night (and some from dress rehearsal ).