Monday, April 28, 2008

Wii Mario Kart

When we bought the Wii I wanted Mario Kart, but it wasn't available. Yesterday I saw that it was released. So I (literally) made everybody drop what they were doing and we raced (hehe) out to Nebraska Furniture Mart (because they had a special deal on it) to pick it up. We got the last one available until more was pulled from the stock room. Whoo-hoo! I played it all day and night. Bridget tried to play with me. I am not good and she is worse, so we are a great pair. So much fun though!


Mcmuffy said...

I wish we had one of these systems. Sounds like lots of fun. My girls still have their old Nintendo systems with Super Mario Brothers. They played those for hours when they were little.

KELLY said...

I want to try Wii Fit.

Kerry said...

I know Kelly. That looks so cool!