Friday, March 31, 2006

I had a great day. I had lunch with a bunch of fellow scrapbookers. It was fun and yummy too! It is nice to be around people that share and love the same hobby as you do.

I took both Bridget and Becca with me. They both behaved all day--what a relief! Bridget is predictable--Becca not so much. Kristin (my sister) was there and she was a huge help.

Did you notice my fancy banner and actual links? My personal fairy sprinkled her dust on my blog and made it perfect!

What else? My American Idol prediction was pretty good. Lisa got the boot this week, but I was surprised that Bucky wasn't in the bottom three.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

American Idol. What can I say, I'm totally hooked. I thought the show last week was one of the best ever. This week was HORRIBLE in comparison.

Schaun's top contenders are Chris, Kelly, and Taylor. He thinks Kelly can sing, but really she is just cute and I don't think he can get past that and actually listen to her. I like Taylor, but he is not in my top three.

I think Chris should win. Hands down. I think Elliott has the best voice of them all, but not the whole package, and my third would be Kathrine. I cannot stand Paris and Mandisa. I liked Paris at her audition and that was the last time and I think Mandisa just yells at us.

I think either Lisa or Bucky will get the boot.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yes your highness.....

"Princess Bridget"---as she tells me to call her often---- will respond with a "yes your highness" when I ask her to do things. Today she pulled out her royal clothing and got all dressed. Becca, usually is too busy to notice such things, but today she wanted in on the princess action. It was soooo cute.

What a weekend it was. I am feeling like it is Sunday because Schaun took today off and it wasn't a typical Monday. I spend three days at the Creating Keepsakes convention. I learned some great stuff and meet some friends from a message board. I love to meet people for real, kwim?

One of these nice people I met is Sara. She is so sweet. She is helping my technically challenged butt by getting my links hooked up to this site and making me this cool banner of the girls. Thanks Sara! So good to see you and adorable Zion!

My little Becca has been making some huge leaps in her vocabulary skills the last 2-3 weeks. She is saying coherant full sentances. For example " Mommy sit butt here now" "Mommy where are you?" "Daddy what you doing?" "I want that" "Bridgey take Bettas baby"
By the way, she doesn't say Becca, it is Betta. Schaun bought her a baby doll that when you squeeze it, it makes a crying sound. She will squeeze it and say "Baby sad, mommy feed her"
And she has become quite the little love bug. We have never been able to get hugs and kisses out of this kid. I think she figured out what a great stall tactic it is when you start passing out the love. It makes me so happy.

Bridget was having some interrupting issues while we would be talking. So I explained to her that you say "excuse me" if people are talking and you have something to say. Soooooooo, my clever girl has taken this to a new level. At any given moment, when she wants your attention, you will hear a very loud "EXCUSE ME" followed by whatever it is. Oh my, what I have created.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have not shared this blog with anybody yet. I am just not good at it yet. I have not managed to edit my links to "my links" and I'm stuck there.

I'm excited about the upcoming scrapbook convention this weekend. Since it is in the Northland I feel like I'm going to a foreign place, but I'm sure I'll manage.

I am such an American Idol junkie. I have decided that Chris is in a class of his own greatness.

My hubby got a new ipod, so I now have the hand-me-down. I didn't think I wanted or needed this, but now that I understand it. Wow! It will go on the list of callerID and Tivo.....didn't know I needed it, but I really need it now!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

These are the cards I made for my first ATC swap. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm more comfortable with a larger "canvas" to work on.

I really want to master this whole blog thing. It seems so foreign to me right now.
This is my first post as a test. More to come.