Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunny Days

A year ago, that is what we had. Sunny days. The girls were wearing short sleeves and shorts. How long can this Winter go on? I heard a rumor that it may hit the 70's next week. I'll believe it when I feel it.

This week I gave two massages. Wow, that is a record for about the past year, lol. I also received a massage too, it was fantastic! (Thanks Dolly!) It was an uneventful week. I have made progress in the scrap room and might actually get to use it next week. Today we are going to visit my gramma and tomorrow is my nephew's 4th birthday party. So you bet there will be new photos soon!

Other things coming up and looking forward to are:
-the girls dance recital
-Bridget's Kindergarten graduation
-my birthday
-Schaun's birthday
-Becca's birthday (which is on Mother's Day, so her party will be on May 4th)
-the birth of twin nephews (hopefully on their own birthday and not somebody else's since they will have to share that day already)
-going to Deanna Rose
-the end of the school year
-getting decorations on my walls (I'm not decisive)
-scrapbooking again
-getting a pet bird (looking into African Grey's)
-Schaun grilling and smoking food on weekends


jrchaard said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after the warm weather next week, it is supposed to get cold again.

Shawn said...

how about looking forward to your bday? What are you all doing? Let's hope it's warm by then!

Maricar said...

I can't believe the weather there. Ick.

I enjoyed your list. Twins - wow. Deanna Rose - I miss that place!

KELLY said...

I love that picture of Becca .. wait Bridget? Darn I get them mixed up ... the one with the hair blowing. There's gotta be 12-hundred beautiful ways to scrap that one pic.

Good summer shots.....darn this cold!

Kerry said...

LOL, Kelly. That is Bridget. She's the oldest.