Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First day of 2nd and 4th grade

The girls were not super excited about going to school this morning, but they were both really happy when they got back home. They both loved their teachers and had a great day. I have learned how a teacher can make or break a year for a kid. Bridget's second grade year was a nightmare from start to finish. I did everything possible to make sure Becca did not get the teacher that caused that. We are not allowed to request teachers, but if you are vocal enough, things work out. At least they did this time, thankfully!

Bridget had one teacher in mind that she did not want, and she did not get her. I have heard that the teacher she did get is a fun but down to business teacher. I really appreciate that. This is the first time that Bridget will get real grades. Before 4th grade they get a 1,2, or 3 on report cards. So this could be interesting. Bridget has been so very spacey the last few months, but if she thinks a little she will do fine.

Becca did not get the nightmare teacher and that is all that matters. I have come to the conclusion that the whole second grade is weak in teaching anything, so I just want her to be happy during the day. I think the teacher she got will allow a happy year.

Last year they both had teachers I really liked. Becca's teacher was exceptional though. She will be the teacher that is never forgotten. Unfortunately, due to a crappy numbers game, she had to transfer to another school. Sad for our school, but I'm glad she has a job. She had a lot to do with which class Becca was placed in, so I sent her a note today and thanked her. She wrote back to me with some of the nicest words ever. I will just miss having her in the school.

Here a the couple pictures I got this morning sending them off on the bus.
Bridget was standing on a little higher ground to giver her the appearance of being much taller. Becca is going to catch her in height if Bridget doesn't grow soon.

Becca picked a messenger bag (like Bridget always does). She looks like she is moving out it is so large. There was no talking her out of this giant bag.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Pics

My poor neglected blog.
I took the girls out for a little photo shoot and here is what I got.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dance recital 2011

Dance recital this year was last night. As it always does, this consumes 3 days. Friday is work rehearsal, Saturday is dress rehearsal, and Sunday is the recital. This year Bridget was in a jazz routine and her tumbling routine. Becca was in her competition tap, a jazz, and a tumbling routine.

This is Bridget's jazz group. They danced to the Glee version of Telephone.
This is the from Becca's competition tap group. I think I have posted pictures of this before. They are suppose to look angry. They dance to Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It".

This is Becca's costume for her tumbling routine that was to Centerfield. They combine 2 classes for this, so there was the blue and the red "team".

This is Becca's jazz group that danced to Footloose.

This is Bridget in the center, flipping over another girl.
Bridget in a handstand that I think was actually the middle of another trick

Bridget's front walk over
Bridget is a good performer. You call tell she loves to be on stage. Becca gets nervous and freaks out a bit. She loses her confidence. They both had cute costumes and the over-all show was good I hear. I miss a lot going back stage and changing hair and costumes.

Becca turns SEVEN

On Monday May 9th, I got a call from the school nurse that Becca had been in the office complaining that her ear was bothering her. She has never had an ear infection, but does have earwax issues, and I figured that was the problem. When they got home from school, we put some drops in her ears and cleaned them out. She said it helped a little, but it was hurting still. She has dance on Monday nights, she still wanted to go, so off we went. Sometimes a little perspective is needed. When she was in class and I looked in on her, I could tell something was wrong with her. I pulled her out of class and headed home. She was sound asleep within 5 minutes in the car. She whimpered all night about her ear hurting and she started running a low temp.

In the morning we went to the doctor. I thought with the temp and the ear pain she might have her first inner ear infection. The doctor looked in the ear and said, no, it looked like a bad case of swimmers ear, not an inner ear infection. She was writing me a prescription for ear drops and I asked if this would cause her to have a fever and she said probably not. I reminded her that she did indeed have a fever. After a few more questions without the answers she wanted, the doctor decided to rule out everything, a strep test was in order. It came back positive.

So for her birthday, she got strep for the first time. After 24 hours of medicine, she is considered not contagious. So she was home on her birthday, because she was still a little tired. She told us at the beginning of the year, that on her birthday, she would get her ears pierced. She didn't want an audience, so I took her up during the day and got this done.

For a party, she wanted a slumber party. I was fine with that, but I warned her that many moms might think first grade is too young for that. We invited a few girls that she wanted and 2 planned on staying all night and 1 actually made it thru the night. They all came in their pajamas though. They did some crafts, screamed, ate, screamed, played, screamed, and danced. It was a fun time for them.

First grade goes to the zoo

Becca's entire first grade class took a trip to the zoo. There are so many parents on this trip that most people just take off with their child and friends. It is an easy day to be a teacher. We walked the zoo with Becca's friend Reagan and a few other girls. It was a really nice day!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011 edition

The 3rd annual Daddy Daughter Dance went on again tonight. This year, Schaun got to take both girls. I was a little worried that they would fight, Becca would pout and get mad, and of course, none of that happened. When home, I asked them how it went and Becca said it was great and Bridget said it was the best one yet. I asked her why it was better and she said "because Becca was there, I spent more time with Daddy, and less time with friends" Awwwww!

I went to order the corsages and when I found out that two of them would cost over $40 and be totally generic, I had an idea. My sister in law, Kelsie, is taking this flower design class, so why can't we put together corsages? There was no reason, and we did. They were perfectly matched to the dresses, super cute, and hardly cost anything.

Enough with my chatter, here are the pictures.