Saturday, April 19, 2008

A conversation with Becca

Today started with Bridget leaving for a playdate with the little girl that lives behind us. Becca was very distraught about her leaving. Very, very sad. After her heartbreaking crying spell ended, Daddy offered her some Combos (ewwww yuck) and that made her happy again. Later she told me "the pizza pretzels Daddy gave me made everything alright again"
Awwwwww, so sweet!

While Bridget was gone, Becca and I went and had lunch with my mom. For my birthday present, mom gave me cash since I don't have anything in mind that I actually want. On the way home from her house, this is the conversation I had with Becca:

Becca: Mommy are we going to buy your birthday present?
Me: No, we are going home.
Becca: What do you want to get for your birthday?
Me: I'm not sure yet.
Becca: How about a brace-a-let?
Me: Well, that would be a nice present.
Becca: How about a neck-a-lace? Do you want a neck-a-lace?
Me: That would be pretty too. I'm not sure what I want though.
Becca: How about a new ring? Do you have too many rings?
Me: Well, I have some, but I mostly just wear my wedding ring.
Becca: (very excited voice) You get rings when you marry your daddy?
Me: Well, you get a wedding ring at your wedding, but you don't marry your daddy. You marry a different boy that you love.
Becca: (without missing a beat) I love Caden.
Me: Becca, you are too young to get married.
Becca: I love Caden and I am getting older everyday.

In case you are new here, Becca usually wins in all her conversations.


Kelsie O'Brien said...

That is so cute!
i didn't know that she still loved caden!

Happy Birthday :D

Kristin Michelle said...

that Becca....she is so darn precious!

Shawn said...

That is so sweet!