Saturday, April 09, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011 edition

The 3rd annual Daddy Daughter Dance went on again tonight. This year, Schaun got to take both girls. I was a little worried that they would fight, Becca would pout and get mad, and of course, none of that happened. When home, I asked them how it went and Becca said it was great and Bridget said it was the best one yet. I asked her why it was better and she said "because Becca was there, I spent more time with Daddy, and less time with friends" Awwwww!

I went to order the corsages and when I found out that two of them would cost over $40 and be totally generic, I had an idea. My sister in law, Kelsie, is taking this flower design class, so why can't we put together corsages? There was no reason, and we did. They were perfectly matched to the dresses, super cute, and hardly cost anything.

Enough with my chatter, here are the pictures.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

And FIRST place goes to.......

Becca's Jr Tap team!!!!! This group of little 5-6 year girls tapped right into first place with their very first competitive performance. It was amazing! They have been practicing this routine for months--at the studio and lots of hours at home. They were so good. How good? Well, so good that even though they were sent out onto the stage in the wrong order and they were all flip flopped in their starting positions, they just danced and danced until they had a chance to switch around. It was so good that if you didn't know the dance, you wouldn't know what they did!

They danced to Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" and they are suppose to look angry.

She loves dogs

Today was so warm and sunny that the girls were begging to go outside by 10am. Schaun and I were sitting in the drive soaking up some Vitamin D ( AKA getting sunburns) while the girls ran and played. Biking, running, riding scooters all over the cul-de-sac, climbing the tree, and todays new thing was walkie talkies. Fun times. As Becca was running off somewhere, I looked over and saw Bridget just laying down in the yard with Ruby chilling. (Then when the other two dogs saw photos being taken, they wanted in on that too.)


Spring is finally here ( I hope and have my fingers crossed for no more snow!). This beautiful tree is blooming, and will only last a couple days. It lives next door to us, sadly, it is not ours, but I still get to enjoy it!

AND just as I am typing this, I had to go look out window to see what was going on. LOUD storm going on outside. Hail, huge, huge hail.  Ping pong and golf ball sized hail pelting the house and CRASH! That was my living room window shattering. Wonderful. I take it back. Bring me some soft snow!