Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation Day One

We decided to actually take a trip this year. I wanted to go to St. Louis. Schaun wanted to go to Colorado. I didn't want to go to Colorado. Schaun didn't want to go to St. Louis.

Schaun suggested that we go to Silver Dollar City and Branson then head to St. Louis. I still wasn't thrilled, but we are compromising right? Then when it comes time to actually book hotels and such, I decide I would rather stay home then visit Silver Dollar City in this heat. We did this a couple years ago and all I remember is the sweat.

Schaun then tells me about his last plan. He thinks we will have a good time going to the Mall of America. I was skeptical about going to a Mall for vacation, but it was a good time when it was all over.

We stayed in a great hotel, Staybridge Suites. It was like a little apartment with a kitchen and bedroom. They had shuttle service to the Mall of America and that was nice until we realized the very odd hours it ran on. We arrived Sunday, much earlier than we expected to. (This is due to Schaun driving like a Nascar racer on the way up). So first thing we did after dropping off our bags was to head to the Mall and check it out.

Monday we spent the day at the Mall in Nickelodeon World and the Aquarium. This indoor amusement park inside the mall really has something on Disney parks when it is hot outside. Rides, air-conditioning, and no lines. It would have been so fun IF Becca had wanted to have fun. She decided AFTER we bought her ticket that this was not for her and she didn't want to ride. Bridget loved it a lot though. In the Mall is also an aquarium. It is amazing that this place is so huge! The aquarium was very cool. You walk thru these tunnels and have sharks, giant turtles, sting rays, and all sorts of huge fish swimming over your head and next to you. They had a cool jellyfish display and many seahorses! Bridget had my camera in there as I didn't think any pics would turn out with the glass, but she got some good shots!

The pictures are all mixed up, but a couple are us in front of the hotel. A couple are shots of Nick World from the top of the Ferris wheel. The Aquarium, a shot of the QVC store for my mom and the silver things are the escalators. I have a photo of the girls with every character that was walking around in the park. They thought that was so cool and funny. This is the first day.

4th of July

Okay, Okay. I realize that I have not posted anything in months. Bad Kerry! Here is something.