Friday, April 25, 2008


For anybody planning to attend Becca's birthday party, it is NOT going to be next weekend. My original plan was to have it next Sunday, but since I have failed to actually plan it, that isn't going to happen then. The 11th is her actual birthday and it is Mother's Day, so that day is out. The 18th seems like a good day, but that is my Gramma's birthday and family will want to go to the nursing home. The 25th is Memorial Day weekend and people generally have plans. This goes on. The next weekend is JUNE 1 and Kristin and Mark are moving that weekend. That puts us at June 8th.

So I could do it the afternoon of the 18th and hope that Gramma can be visited in the morning, or maybe waiting until June is better. If you care strongly one way or the other, let me know. I really want it to be when the most people can make it.

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