Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark or bright

Becca was just starting to read me her nightly reading book from school. The illustrations included what appears to be an African American family. Without reading any words, she tell me that this story must take place in Africa. Well, it could, but the first line says that they are in Florida. Then, off to a new subject, leaving the book aside, Becca tell me that this boy in her class is part dark skinned, like African Americans, and half bright. Yep, she said BRIGHT.

THEN, she thought a second and came up with this gem: I wonder what they would have done with (boy from class) when they brought the slaves over in chains from Africa? Since he is half dark and half bright, he would have needed two jobs--part-time slave and part-time something else.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tumbling Meet

Today Bridget was in her second tumbling competition. The first one was in November and she placed ninth. The coach tells them to do this for fun, that is is hard to place, which is 1st to 7th, and to gain some experience the first few times. Bridget heard those words, but I could see it in her eyes today that she intended to do better and place. She was the first one up in her group and it was the best she has ever performed that routine! She was put in fifth place and she was thrilled! She got a big green ribbon for her efforts and gets to compete in the next level, the championship meet in two weeks. This competition is part of MATS (Mid America Tumbling Society) and included 17 teams from Kansas and Missouri.
Close up, so we can see the curly pony.

First one up on her mat.

All ready in her new team leotard.