Saturday, October 17, 2009

BVHS Cheer

Last night the girls cheered (with many others) at the Blue Valley High School football game with the HS cheerleaders. It was so cute and they had a blast! Most of the cheers they did, Bridget had learned from previous cheerleading. Since Becca had watched most of Bridget's previous cheering, she knew a lot of these too. It was fairly chilly last night, but I didn't here any complaining. I made them wear about 5 shirts because I knew they wouldn't want to wear coats. Bridget enjoyed this alot because many of her 2nd grade friends were there. Becca was just loving it because she is naturally a clown and just silly. It was hard to watch them both because they were at opposite ends of the cheering line, so no pics of them together.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes it just takes one word

Becca is home sick today. Running a fever. Acting perfectly normal after she slept for 16 hours the night before, but the fever is sticking around. So she had to miss dance tonight (again) , but we were taking Bridget to her class and having a chat about who Bridget sits by at school.

They don't have regular desks, they have round tables that seat 6 kids. Bridget was telling who she sits by and that she might move soon. She tells us that this boy and girl got moved by the teacher because they were too chatty. Becca said "you mean they would not focus". Something about my 5 year old talking about being focused made me laugh.

Bridget was just telling me about how they are studying safety and today was all about fire safety. It went something like this:

In old Kansas they didn't have fire trucks like now. They had bucket lines and one line carried buckets of water and the other line brought back the empty buckets to fight the fires.

Is that how it was when you were a kid mommy?

Made me laugh because she was so serious.

Even though Becca is sick, it was nice to stay home today.

Monday, October 05, 2009

It's my blog and I'll complain if I want to

So I just feel generally negative and stressed. Nothing specific, just everything in general. If you don't want to read about my whines and complaints, then skip this. I would if I were you. You have been warned.

I do not like working all day.
I do not like how second grade is going for Bridget.

These are the top two stress causes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have the job I have, but I do not like that sometimes I am racing Bridget's bus home. I do not like that, to be at any event at her school, I feel guilt about work. I do not like that I feel guilt when I miss the events. I HATE when I hear Bridget tell me how sad she is that I am not at things.

I do not like that I have to make Bridget do so much extra work at home. I think the reading requirement is enough for every night. Then, we have silly little time consuming, not educating worksheets that must be turned in the next day. If you are going to assign stupid homework, does it need to involve crayons? Seriously. We have other things that we want to do and sometimes homework gets dragged along and done on the road. Can't it just be writing work? Why must it all be colored? I do not see work coming home from school all colored on.

I have pin-pointed a problem with her school. They are confusing her, but now that I have figured out how they confused her, I can try and fix it. They give the kids all these silly ways to figure out the answers. Ways to get answers that they probably really know. I'm talking math here. So you tell them two or three ways to figure out the answer. Then you give them timed tests. This says to me that you just want them to know the answer, not to figure it out. Bridget will sit and figure out answers to things she knows just because they told her how to and that must be how she is suppose to do it. UGH!

So now that I know this. I have told her that she needs to just know the answers. Math facts are just that--facts. You memorize them and spit out the answers when asked. You know them like your name and address. Her test scores have sky-rocketed since having this spelled out for her. This also is the extra work part. We sit and recite and re-write said math facts all the freaking time now.

Other stress. I had a little Girl Scout deal that was just not necessary, so I let that one just go away. Cut the ties to that very quick. Poor Becca, will not get to join Girls Scouts until next year because of it, but we have talked about it and she is okay with the decision. Still residual guilt/stress.

The girls are taking (between them) five hours of dance a week. That is fine. I'm good with this. They love it and are improving so much. The stress with this though is the time away from home.

The house is a mess. People keep telling me to just learn to ignore it, and I used to be really good at that. Very, very good I tell you. Now it drives me nuts. I'm gone more and when I come home it would be so much more relaxing for it to be clean. This is new stress. The kind that didn't cause stress before everything changed.

Dinner. "Hi, my name is Kerry, and I despise cooking". I have been trying to plan weekly meals. Shop for them on the weekend and cook them during the week. It is hard being gone every Tuesday and Wed. evenings though. It is hard, I'm tired while doing it, and did I mention I hate doing it?

Did I mention the pets in my house. To visit us nowadays will cost you. I have to charge folks to come visit our zoo. I know, I know. I have brought in many of these animals. A recent addition that I very much did not want has caused me extra worries.

Tonight, I was also told about some changes in the future that I am not digging. Some change is good. Most change though, I find myself fighting against these past few months.

I'm tired of hearing about how we will all die from the Swine Flu.
I'm tired of being told what to inject into my kids.
I'm tired of bills.
My washing machine is dying....any day now and it will be a goner.

I have a book that I have waited at least three years for and I cannot find time to read it.

Now that I have spewed out all that negative, I am off to bed.

I told you not to read this.

A Fairy Celebration

A few weeks ago, my neighbor's daughter had a birthday. For her celebration we all went to the Renaissance Festival. The girls were all dressed in fairy tulle tutus, had wings, and halos. Lynne spend weeks making and collecting these. They were adorable walking around together! It was a fun day and we had a special Tea with the Queen. Becca poted a lot thru the day, so there are less pics of her.

I have been meaning to edit these pics, therefore the delay in posting them. Since I don't have time for things like that anymore, here they are unedited.