Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The good and the bad

The Good:
It is suppose to be nice temperature today.
I only have to take one kid to school.
A book I have been waiting 4 months for is finally available at the library.
I have internet and printing abilities on one computer now.
American Idol is on tonight.
I found an affordable, new picket fence headboard for Becca finally.

The Bad:
It is tax day and we owe.... AGAIN.
I have printing ability, but I'm out of ink.
The nice temps are going to come along with a lot of wind.
We missed Desperate Housewives and it didn't record.
The above headboard is in North KC and is out of my comfy driving perimeter.


Shawn said...

We recorded desperate housewives I wonder if we can make you a copy? The headboard sounds cute!!

Maricar said...

You make me smile.

Lisa said...

YOu can watch Desperate Housewives online :) Excited about your headboard--sounds cute!!