Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Dance Fun!

This past week was focused on last night's dance. We went out Tuesday and looked for a dress without success. Nothing was just what the diva had in mind. Oh yeah--I said diva. So Thursday we had some time for shopping and we went back out to the mall. We had already looked in most of the stores, so we went to the couple we missed. We found some that looked good enough for her try on at Dillards. We went in the dressing room with three dresses. She tried on the first and she said it was okay. It had good spin, but she wasn't sure. The second dress went on and it was not good at all. The third dress went on and it had good spin factor and she thought "it would look better when she made her entrance". WHAT? Your entrance. I suppressed my laughter and told her I thought the first dress was a little fancier and had a bigger spin. She tried it on again and she decided it was the best. SUCCESS! We go pay, I am closing up my purse and she says "Now I need shoes. And something with a little heel please". Ummm, okay. We did find some. Then she wanted jewely, but I put a stop to this spending spree and told her I had things I would let her wear. Then I heard "What is daddy going to wear?" Oh sheesh, I am not buying him new clothes too, but we did get him a new tie to match her dress.

The dance was so much fun! The DJ was from Mix 93.3 and was fantastic! No one was bored or stopped dancing the whole 2 hours! There was tons of food and drink and everything looked so pretty (pink, silver and black all over). Bridget spent the whole night right in front of the stage. Schaun gave her a pretty corsage that she danced to death and she had to eventually had to remove her shoes. It was really so much fun! Why was I there you ask. I was on the committee for planning this event and we had to decorate and manage the food and drink. I don't think I was super helpful, but I had so much fun.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wizard of Oz

Last weekend we went to Crown center to visist the Wizard of Oz display and characters. I thought Becca who loves this movie would be so excited. I guess she was a little over whelmed though. When we waited to see the characters she was all quiet and frowny. At least we got her to smile for the picture though. Dorothy was so nice and friendly. She asked if we had seen the yellow brick road and introduced all her friends.

Easter photos

I am usually more prepared for Easter than I was this year. I was running around at the last minute getting a few things ready for this morning. The girls got up early to check out their baskets and gather the hidden eggs. I got them new dresses, so we had to shower and get cleaned up for a few photos. It was tough getting good shots this morning since there is no sun, but they are still ok.

We colored over 2 dozen eggs last night. Bridget wanted to sky-dye some of hers. I kept telling her that it is tie (or is that tye?, whatever) tie dye (is that right? dye?). Ok, moving on from my lack of spelling skills....... We have a yummy dinner planned. Honey Baked ham, green bean cassarole, scalloped taters, and a chocolate angel food cake for our strawberry shortcake. Mmmmmmmmm.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Today's cuteness


Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences for both girls. They are both doing great. Both teachers gave me some work as examples of things they are currently doing. One of Bridget's things was this book that was part of her writing assessment. It was a fairly big project for first grade. They had to brainstorm an idea, organize it into a book form with the story and illustrations. (okay, I tried to get these in order, but it's taking too long).
Here is how it is suppose to go:
Cover page with drawing of cat, title is "Ice the cat"
Inside cover says "detukatide to my family"
Page one "my famely got a cat. she is nise to to me." this page has a drawing of me, Schaun, and Bridget going to a pet shop to get Ice. (total fiction!)
Page two ""She is good wen sumone come's to are haws.". drawing of me and Bridget with Ice, along with a cat bed.
Page three " I like her so much. That Id hug her." drawing of Bridget hugging Ice.
Page four "Then one day she dide. I miss her." drawing of a sad Bridget, cat bed, and Ice dead--her tongue is hanging out of her mouth. This cracks me up!
Page five " It made me crie so much" drawing of a crying Bridget, no cat, with cat bed. She even drew in the ceiling fan.
Page six "I loved her joost as much as my family." drawing of me, Schaun, Bridget all sad with the cat bed again.