Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend things

Bridget has been so sad about missing her former school and friends. I made plans for one of her buddies to come over Saturday. I didn't tell her all week. In fact, I didn't tell her at all. Her friend Maya arrived here. I told the girls that somebody was here. They ran to the door and Bridget screamed "Maya!" Ran to her, they had a big bear hug. Bridget said " I've missed you so much!"
The giggling and screaming began immediately. They all had a great time.

The neighbor girl behind us was over on Sunday. She is here quite often, but while she was here the girls were screaming for me to come take their photo. They were acting very silly.

Also, on Sunday, Bridget had photo day for cheerleading. They took their standard photos. This took place at the High School, just out in a field area. They have a big, metal tiger in front of the school and I was disappointed that the photos were not taken there-- so we took our own.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The other morning

My sister-in-law was very pregnant (she actually delivered today and Kristin has pics on her blog). I had mentioned to the girls that they would have a new cousin soon. So just randomly Becca says to Bridget "I wonder how the baby gets out." I was finishing packing Bridget's lunch and we had about 2 minutes until the bus arrived. I decided to pretend I didn't hear them talking....although they were standing right next to me. Becca thought they came out from down there (with a point to the proper place) or that maybe they were cut out. Things just make sense to this kid. I find it amazing sometimes. Bridget thinks different. She suggested that "the babies come out of your mouth." Becca thought about it and finally said "No, that can't be right. That would make your throat REALLY sore." Bridget who is not a fan of babies, again confirmed with herself how she doesn't want any part of having them.

I kept my laughter to myself (to avoid acknowledging the whole conversation, not that they asked me) and I hurried them out the door to catch Bridget's bus.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow! Where have I been?

I've been busy around here. Last Sunday we had a going away party for my sister-in-law. She is leaving for Los Angeles in a couple weeks for school. It wasn't a huge party--friends and family. Any party requires extra cleaning though. Schaun cooked his usual feast of delicious meats.

Bridget has been learning to adjust to a new school and new people. She has had a hard week. A friend from last year is not treating her very nice. She is missing her old friends and is sad. She hurt herself in P.E. and on the playground a couple times too. That just makes things feel worse for her. I hate that she feels sad, out of place, and even bored during the day. I have been sitting with her and Becca every night for a long time. We have been reading lots of books and I found some fun, educational games on the computer. She still wants to go to school everyday, so things are not terrible. I think she is just feeling "home sick" for the Montessori school.

I'm sure she will adjust to this new setting soon, but it sucks to see your kid sad.

I'm so glad to see the rain leave for now. Our grass was out-of-control long. Our mower is not doing well and Schaun didn't think it would make it through this tough cutting. So he was doing a happy dance when I told him I hired the teen next door to mow it this time around. Now we won't lose Daisy out in the yard!

My job is going well. I'm getting used to all those boys. They do things that seem weird to me and make gross sounds that they find hilarious, but the days go smoother now. Becca is doing so fantastic in her class. She is happy and loves it, so that is a relief.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Girls Scouts

Tonight was an informational meeting for parents about Girls Scouts. This year, Kindergarten and first graders are Daisy's, and they bridge to Brownies in second grade. They were talking about how they need leaders and how they would be letting us now what troop and such soon. If we had not heard back by Oct. 1 we should call.

I have been waiting to find out when the meeting would be before I sign Bridget up for other things. I really want her to do this--I think she will love it.

Sooooooo, I decided to take control of when meetings will be by just signing up to be the Troop leader. I hope I don't regret this later. I'll keep you updated on this adventure.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I almost forgot this morning that Bridget had her first game to cheer at. I was so wrapped up in being sad yesterday, I forgot we needed a black jacket and white turtleneck. When I did remember this morning we had 1 hour until the game. I got Bridget all dressed. Becca and I were at least decent--not exactly all groomed though. We rushed to Walmart and I once again found myself VERY happy that it is 1 mile from our house. They had 1 turtleneck in her size and a simple (not very cute) black jacket.

We made it there right on time. The trip to Walmart was not necessary though. The girls didn't want jackets. They are cheering for flag football and they don't keep score for it (but our team won). The girls did a great job, they were just too cute out there.

Between Sisters

(Sometimes I make posts just so I can remember. They may not be interesting to most)

We used to go eat at China Star every week with my Aunt and Gramma. Most of the people that work there know us. We have not been there in months and months. The girls request to go there every week. Last night we took them and it was a good time.

Schaun is not crazy about Chinese and he went for the little salad bar they have. He commented that it was not much of a salad bar at all. Bridget informed him that this is a Chinese place, not a salad bar and Becca told him that salads are for girls.

One of the men that works there and has for years came over, said hello, and commented on how big the girls are getting. He has seen the girls since they were babies. Then Becca said when she has her own babies she will bring them here to eat. Bridget then said to Becca-- When you come with your babies, call me and I will come with you. They are so cute!

I love it when I see sweet things between them. Yesterday, the first thing Bridget said when getting off the bus was that she had a surprise for Becca. She told Becca that Kate had a "Smartie Party" at school today (I still don't know what that was about). Every one got 2 rolls of Smarties. Bridget doesn't like these much so she ate one and saved the other for her sister that does like them. Awwwww.

This morning Becca is up with me and Bridgt is still asleep. Becca is very busy downstairs arrangng things. I asked what she was doing ( as she pulls tons of things from playroom to living room) and she says she is making a clubhouse for Bridget. She wants to have it perfect so Bridget will be surprised and happy. More Awwwwwwww's!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Telling the girls

Schaun called after he left the Vet's office this morning. I had to excuse myself from the classroom and have a small breakdown in the hall. I collected myself and returned to work the rest of the morning. I knew that I had to go home--with Becca. So I decided to stall. We went to Costco before heading home. I figured that might wear her out and she might drop straight to the sofa--no questions. Actually, I didn't think she would notice anyway, but I wanted to wait for Bridget to get home. When she did, I sat them down and told them I had some bad news.

Bridget knew right away. She said " Did Belle die?" I told them that she had. Bridget didn't react quickly, she said well we still have two dogs. Becca burst into hysterical crying. I held Becca for a few minutes and I looked at Bridget. She had tears running down her face. So we all sat and cried, hugging each other. Becca said she didn't want Belle to die. I told them that she was hurting a lot and she was better now. Bridget said that at least she wasn't alone--she would be with Ice, Stinky, and Gramma Kathy's pets. Bridget said she was such a good dog and never bothered the other pets (the gerbils and guinea pigs that the others dogs torment). Then Bridget started to cry even harder.

My sweet, sweet girl said "What will we tell Daddy? He loved Belle so much!"
Thru my blubbering I assured her that Daddy already knew. She loves her Daddy so much. She always worries about him.

Becca said something about touching Belle last night and hurting her. Bridget added that Becca stepped on Belle's foot and almost fell on her last night and that is when Belle yelped. I promised them that Belle was sick, she had a very bad disease and that they didn't cause her to die.

Then we all just cuddled together for a long time. I'm sure that Becca is going to have a lot more thoughts on this. She tends to think about things for days and comes up with statements or questions that reflect the thoughts later.

It is Becca that still talks about Ice all the time. She pretends to be a cat when she plays. It is bittersweet as I miss my little cat, but I'm glad other remember her too. She talks and shows her thoughts. Bridget does things like make drawings of Ice and Stinky in Heaven.

--Just a side, sort of funny note about Stinky. Bridget was not quite two and I was pregnant with Becca when Stinky died. I doubt she remembers the dog really. But we have this little Yorkie statue. I told Bridget once that we have it because it looked just like Stinky. So the girls sort of treat this statue like a dog they know.

So I was thinking my email {thetwobelles} isn't very relavant now, but I won't be changing it.

A sad, sad day

It has been a long time in coming. I knew it was coming. We have talked about it and put it off and off again. That doesn't make it any easier or less sad for me. Schaun is taking Belle in to the Vet to have her put to sleep this morning. She is in pain. She is isolated and has been for a while. Twice this week she has yelped out when a hand was run down her back. I keep everybody away from her because I fear her snapping and biting someone due to her pain. She still eats well, she still follows me upstairs and back down every time I go. She still gets bouncy and excited when Schaun comes home from work. She was never really a great family dog. She was our first though. She has been with us for 12 years (although she is an undetermined amount older than that). We gave her a good life. We laugh because she a mutt. We have a Dachshund, a Golden Retriever, and once had a Yorkie--all purebreds that we got for free, but we paid for Belle. She has out lived so many others that I miss. Ice, Stinky, Arthur, Baby, Cecil, and my sweet Darby.

Yes, it is the right time, but it still hurts so much!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day weekend

This was a refreshing weekend. We stayed home and did a lot of nothing. Saturday, the girls played all day. They played hard and LOUD. Before bed, Bridget, told me that her throat hurt. I figured it was from all the screaming she did all day. Sunday morning, she didn't look good when she woke up. She had a very low fever and was still complaining of her throat. She sounded all congested too. She spend the day on the sofa just resting. The fever didn't last long and she perked up a bit as the day went on.

Schaun's parents stopped by late in the afternoon. Bridget and Becca love seeing them. So when Bridget remained very quiet during the visit, I knew she was not herself yet. Bridget has a little outing scheduled Tuesday at school and she is very excited about it. So today she is still resting but I can tell she is feeling much better today. She should be fine to go tomorrow.

Schaun has been able to ride is motorcycle quite a bit this weekend so he is happy. I have been working on some invitations that are really way over due. I should have had these out a week or two ago.

I have re-discovered by favorite series of books too. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is the best story I have ever read. I found out that the library has all the (very large) books, on CD in the unabridged version. I have waited on a long waiting list, and I have four of the five books loaded on my Ipod now. It is fun to listen to it being read to me. Some parts of these books had words in other languages (French, Gealic, and Latin) that I would make up my own pronunciation to. It is interesting to hear how wrong I was.

It will be interesting tomorrow to see how the kids at school behave after the long weekend. We will be getting more students this week too. I just have my fingers crossed that they don't hit others or cry all day long.