Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly randomness

Bridget is suffering from some allergies, or maybe a cold. Not sure. Either way, she has an annoying cough. A small little tickle in your throat sort of cough. She is coughing during the movie and Becca says and shows her how to cough in your elbow. Bridget sasy "I know that Becca". Becca says "Then DO it".

Made me laugh

Bridget got off the bus today all upset and started crying the minute she saw me. Some silliness happened and a boy bothered her and got her wet with the water in her water bottle. In her tears she says "He even has weird hair. It's like mohawk". So I gently reminded her that some people might think that having pink stripes in your hair might seem weird. "No mom! That is just cool!"

Okkkkkkkkkay. Just saying.

Becca is studying the Earth. As we were all just sitting around doing our own things she randomly says "Hey, did you know the Milky Way is made of stars and gases and NOT milk?" She doesn't even look up from whatever she was doing. Just sharing random facts.

Thanks Becca.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School so far

So far we have had 10 days of school. It seemed to be going to fine until yesterday. Becca is loving Kindergarten. Bridget has not been crying every evening like she did last year. When we talk about her school day she seems happy and upbeat. My days are longer, but this new class is so much easier.

Then yesterday, I go thru Bridget's bag to see what has come home, as usual. There is an envelope addressed to the parent of Bridget. Hmmmm. I open and read it. It was vague, but gave just enough information to anger me. Here is the first sentence:

An assessment of Bridget's math skills indicates that she is eligible for out district's math intervention program. This is a program that provides additional support in math using research-based interventions. Math instruction will be provided in small groups utilizing our district approved curriculum. We will be implementing a program called Number Works.

It goes on and says the she will be working with a "Math Instructional Support Para-Educator". Her progress will be reported to me on a consistent basis. They hope this program will help her meet the skills she needs for the expectations of her grade level.

Here is my favorite ( read that as most infuriating) line: This is to inform you that your child will receive these math services.

Excuse me! Hello! Last time I checked I was the parent of this child. I am a bit concerned that the school did not bother to say something along the lines of "Bridget did not score well on her math assessment test. Here is her work. Here are some options. What do you think?" No, they just decided that this was the best plan of action.

The first thing I did this year was inform her teacher that Bridget seems to have some sort of school induced lack of confidence issues. Her teacher responded positively to this information. She said she would work with me to help this issue.

I have so many issues with this "intervention" program that it makes my head spin. First, the objectives that they say she cannot do are ridiculous. I asked more than once last year for more difficult math and was told "we do not individualize in math, ever". When we went over these objectives last night, she could easily do them all.

So they plan to pull her out of class to go work with a para. That alone sends red flags up. Then there is the whole issue of pulling her from her class. This is an issue in it's own.

I have to get ready for the day now. I did just get an email from her teacher that she is calling me this morning because she doesn't want me to worry. If nothing else, she is a responsive teacher.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School 2009 edition

I blinked and summer days ended. Now we are all back to school (well, except Schaun). Bridget is a big second grader and Becca is already in Kindergarten. Since Becca is a full day student now, I am a full day worker. The schedule at the Montessori school changed a bit this year, and my day is a lot less stressful, so the extra hours should fly by easily.

It was not a good morning for the first day of school. There was a ton of rain, thunder, and lightening. Bad pictures, no recess, and uncomfortable bus stop waits. Speaking of the bus, we almost missed it. We have a new driver this year and he showed up early! Go figure. I still had time for some photos and held up the bus for that bus shot I needed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Recap

As much as I think about blogging, I just don't sit down and do it. We did not do any thrilling thing this summer, but it was a nice summer. The weather has been fabulous! Since the a/c in my van causes problems I have been grateful for the cooler days. This week I start back to work at the Montessori school, where Becca will be a Kindergartner this year. I have a few obligations during the week, but I don't work all week. Next Monday is the day--back to full-time work for me and the first day of school for both girls. Bridget is going into second grade!!! Unbelievable. I know many parents are ready for summer to end and get the kids back to school, but I could do this all year.

The girls have been asking for a while if they can get some pink in their hair. It was suggested to them at some time ago (by my hair stylist) and they have not forgotten. I didn't have a good reason to say no, so I let them. I think it looks cute on them. The best part of the whole thing is seeing how other people give me their polite, disapproving opinion.

This weekend, Schaun and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. Thirteen years! We made a change from our annual trip to the Melting Pot and went to J. Gilberts. It was a great choice. The food was delicious! For dessert, I had the BEST chocolate cake ever! Today is our real anniversary and we are celebrating by taking the girls to a movie :-)

We recently added a new friend to our pocket pet collection. We brought home a hedgehog. I have wanted one for a while, so taa-daa! He has not been handled much and doesn't seem to appreciate the dogs staring and panting over him. He comes across a little cranky as he hisses and growls at us, but I will win him over one day.

The photos are showing off the pink, the hedgehog, and one from the 4th of July (just cuz)