Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've been scrapping!

School is out and I got busy doing what I love. Here are the things I made this week. A "Family" arrow sign, an altered candy box, and two layouts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lifetouch photography sucks

Every year this company photographs most of the school age children in the area. They seems to have the market saturated. Knowing this, you would think they could produce good photos. Maybe it is just me, maybe others think they are good, but I am always disappointed.

This year I sent Bridget to school in her everyday play jeans with a cute top. I marked the paper saying I only wanted head shots. You can see here what I got back. So now I know that they cannot read.

Becca's photos were posed okay but the color when they were printed is terrible. Her shirt was a bright pink that matched her boots. It was not orange or red.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

End of the year

The end of the school year has come for Becca and me. Bridget still has school on Tuesday and 1/2 the day Wed. (which is just dumb). I plan on returning next year, hopefully they want me back. I have not had my review yet, I go in next week for that.

The families of the kids in my class went together and bought me a super-fantastic gift card to Archivers. I was so excited about that! They were very generous with me.

Now I have 10 weeks off before school resumes. I have a few things to get done. I must clean out my garage. It is embarrassing to even have the door open. Tonight I decided to do something about the railing in front of our house. It is a wrought iron rusty thing that is ugly. It should not be too hard to take care of. The clothes situation is out of control. I need to unload some too small clothing and organize the summer and winter clothes. Right now, most of it is in my bedroom and I want it out. Then, there is always my scraproom. It is looking better than a few days ago, but needs a bit more work so I can actually use the room for it's purpose--scrapbooking!

Butterfly Birthday

On her birthday we went out to dinner at the Blue Moose. It was a great meal and she got a cute Little Pet Shop toy from Bridget and we gave her a new Hello Kitty bike. Neither of the girls know how to ride a bike, and Becca's was way too small. So that is something we are going to work on this summer--riding bikes.

For her family party, over the weekend, she wanted a butterfly theme. I found some cute decorations but not a cake. So I decided to attempt making my own. It actually turned out looking pretty and it tasted good. Score me! So while I was feeling successful and I made a bunch of cupcakes too.

It was a beautiful day out for this party. We went simple this year with a few snack and cake. Everybody ended up outside enjoying the weather after cake and presents. (Which she got everything she wanted!)

My fabulous five year old

On her birthday she insisted she she wear a pretty dress, then came the cute bow. Funny that she loves this so much now. Everybody keeps telling me how she will be the "tomboy". I was never sold on that idea and you would have never guessed anybody said that about her on this day.

Becca's birthday

In May we celebrate Becca's birthday (along with many other family members). It is a busy month every year and with working this year, it was just crazy.

Becca got to have three celebrations: one at school and two at home. At school they do a celebration of life. They sing a song "the Earth goes round the sun, the Earth goes round the sun, the Earth goes round the sun tra-la, and now Becca is one". While they sing, Becca carries the globe around the the months of the year that are on the floor. They do this for each year of the age.

While Becca was going around the months the first time, she was a little nervous and going too fast. She stepped on one of the laminated months on the floor, slipped and fell, the globe she was holding flew out of her hands, bounced and hit another girl smack on her forehead.

I sat and watched as it seemed to go in slow motion. Thankfully no one cried. Becca got the globe back quickly and it was as if it didn't even happen. But it did and it was damn funny!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fun stuff!

Last week seemed to last forever. All the rain, yuk. I am so tired of wearing the same clothes over and over to work. (I know, poor me). Today we had some fun though. First me and the girls went out to some garage sales this morning just for fun. They think it is great to search for little things. Today we found a box of Little Pet Shop toys. That was a big score!

Second we went to the Young Champion Cheerleading Showcase. It was so cute! They are on the same squad which has been a fun thing. In the end all the girls get a trophy and a medal--this was super exciting for them! Bridget doesn't even get nervous in these sort of things. She loves it. Her actions get bigger and more exaggerated than they are during practice. She really knows how to put on a performance. Becca was nervous, but did a great job and kept a smile while she did it. I love this stuff!