Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The challenge is to tell your fears. I'll give you my top three.

1. My girls being kidnapped. I have a serious case of stranger danger. The Elizabeth Smart case really freaked me out. I cannot sleep if I know the girls windows are even open a crack. I walk the house and check the locks several times a night before bed and periodically thru the day.

2. Driving over bridges over water. If I survive the fall, could I get out? How would I get the girls out of there carseats and out of the water? Would we just sink and suffocate or drown? I really worry about this one.

3. My home burning down. I am a stuff kinda girl. Get the girls out. Get the pets out. Get the scrapbooks.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Happy Father's Day BBQ

We had a Father's Day fest today. I have told Schaun that this seems like a lot of work to do on his day. He seems to love it enough not to care about that. Yesterday he smoked a pork shoulder, and some sausage. Today he smoked ribs and grilled ears of corn, burgers, and some other chopped veggies. My family was all here and most of his family all came out. The kids had a great time playing in the pool. Bridget got in and didn't come out for hours. Becca got in for a short time, then she wanted her swim suit off. We went inside and got her clothes back on and then guess what? She went straight in the sprinkler and then climbed back in the pool fully dressed. Silly kid!That pic of the fire was under control. Don't be worried. Schaun cooks the veggies this way. Do you see how close his hand is to that huge fire? It only lasts for a couple seconds and then it is gone, but it scares me everytime.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Week in Review

Here are my favorite photos from this week. We went to NKC to Dagg Park and played with some Scrapbooker's Dream forum friends. The girls both got new things to ride. When I was a kid we called these big wheels. They are a big hit over here. That is our sweet little dog named Daisy. Then some photos from our backyard play time. It was a fun week. I was also selected to be a Star Scrapbooker at the Kansas Scrapbooker's Dream store. Very exciting for me! Today I took the girls to see Aunt Kristin. That is always a treat for them. Nice weather, fun things to keep us busy, no complaints from me.

If I won the lottery

If I won the lottery today the first thing I would do is pay off all our debt of course (along with all immediate family's). I would buy a house that was big enough, but not a mansion. I'm thinking white with a wrap around porch, very Victorian looking. More important than the house would be the stables for our new horses. I would be a riding fool. I am going to try and convince Stacy to come be our live in nanny. I need a cook--that would solve a lot of issues around here. A trainer for my riding. I hope the girls will grow to love horses too. But if not, we will find their thing. I think we need a pool too. That would be perfect.

Schaun will need a sound proof room in this house. Or we could just build him his own little place. He could go there and listen to music as loud as he wanted. Play video games and just have a good ol' boys place. I'm sure he will not even finish the day at his job when I tell him we won!

I would buy my mom a house. And we would probably need a place in London too. We could share that though. Basically whatever mom wanted she would have.

My in-laws have always talked of retiring at the Lake. So we would set them up with that.

I'm not sure what my sister would want. Some funny money to shop with for sure. A new car equipped with a driver. She hates to drive.

My brother wants to become a chef. So culinary school for him. Paris maybe?

Vacations will be so much better. Stay at the best places and have lots of help with everything.

Well, that is what I'd start with. That will keep me busy for while.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mrs. Greenwood

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenwood. The ceremony was sweet and perfect. The bride seemed a tiny bit nervous, but Mark vowed to "forgive" and that seemed to really please Kristin. After the ceremony we spent a couple hours outside at different locations taking beautiful photos. Then we were off to an awsome dinner. The bride and groom know the executive chef at Bravo. Let me tell you, that is a good man to know.

CONGRATULATIONS Mark and Kristin! I wish you all the happiness in the world!