Sunday, April 27, 2008


The twins were born yesterday. Everybody is healthy and happy. Dennis was born at 7:40 and weighed 7-13, Daniel was born 24 minutes later at 8:04 and weighed 6-11. Those are some big twins! Dennis is bigger than either of my girls were as singles. Kudos to Tonya for giving her twins such a great start to life. And just a note, the babies do not have middle names yet.

We went to visit the family last night. We got there just as Tonya's parents arrived with Delainey, Kynzie, and Max. I don't think Kynzie could be any more excited. She sort of indicated, in a not subtle sort of way, that these were HER babies. Bridget, as usual, held them, but she is not into babies. She thinks they are sort of gross with the diapers, poop, and spit-up. One of the babies had some spit bubbles, not even spit up and she was done! Becca is fascinated with babies. She held each one as long as we let her.

Congratulations so the newly enlarged family of seven!

Uncle Schaun provided little KU caps to the newest family members.


Kristin Michelle said...

congrats to them!
what beautiful babies!

Lisa said...

Awwwww. Congratulations to them!