Friday, May 30, 2008

Transition week

This was a odd week. Of course we had the holiday on Monday and that just throws this off. This was also the first week that both girls were out of school. Becca is missing her alone time during the day I think. She has not been behaving very nice. I hope that doesn't last.

Tuesday we had a tour of the elementary school that Bridget will attend next Fall. It was a fantastic school! I think Bridget is going to really like it there. I have to say that schools are so different now. Long ago when I was in elementary school, everything was all white and grey, tile floors, single desks in tidy rows, very sterile. This school was a rainbow, all carpeted, and most rooms had tables not desks. Each room was welcoming and looked interactive. She will have 5 special classes: Spanish, PE, music, art, and computer. I asked her what she liked the best and thought she would say the art room. Nope, she thought the cafeteria was really cool. She is most excited about riding the bus (which I have mixed feelings about). I am going to let her ride though. If she changes her mind and doesn't think that is so cool, I will gladly take her.

In other news, my van turned over 100,000 miles on Wed. and instantly started to malfunction. So I am without a vehicle for now. I took it to a shop, they had it all day yesterday and I am little scared because they cannot figure out what the problem is. Ugh! I am trying to be positive and remember that I have had a repair free van for over 2 years. Hopefully I will get it back today.

Before the van got sick, I drove to Kristin's new house. It is a very nice house. Perfect for them. Kristin gets her scraproom, Sawyer gets his own bedroom, and Mark gets a big garage.

I am not happy with my scraproom, so I am fixing it. Right now it looks like I just moved in again. This time I have a plan though, so it should be all good when I'm done. So that is what I'll be doing this weekend.

Friday, May 23, 2008


That is how I feel about Bridget leaving the Montessori school. We are just bursting with pride about how far she has come there. Just seeing her interact with almost the entire school population is so fun, what she learned there was phenomenal, and her independence and confidence amaze me. It warms my heart to hear her teacher and all the staff say how kind she is.

The little graduation ceremony was just adorable. Each child stood up and stated what they wanted to be. Bridget said a teacher. Some of the other kids said doctor, motorcycle rider, a cop, and a paleontologist (I don't even know how to spell that one). They were so cute. They each walked up, shook hands and received their diploma from Mrs. Crawford. So, so cute.

Today was the end of the year picnic. We had our lunch on the playground, there was play time and then goodbyes. Bridget hugged her teacher and assistant teacher. Mrs. Paris got all teary and I was fighting it. Then on the way out the front, the administrator, Mrs. Young, gave Bridget big hugs and said how much she was going to miss Bridget greeting her every morning. She was crying, I was fighting it still, a little teary. Bridget seemed okay still. We got loaded up in the van and started home. About 2 minutes into the drive Bridget lost it. She was so upset. She doesn't want to leave Mrs. Paris. That was all I could take--we were both crying. I wish she could just stay there forever. I gave it my best "next year will be so fun talk", but it didn't matter. When you are sad, you are just need to be sad.

Thankfully it didn't last. When we got home, she cried for a few more minutes, but then it seemed to pass. She said, " I just had to get the sad tears out and now I feel better". Awwwwwwwwww!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What do you think?

So I was looking thru a magazine the other day and I saw this ad. I don't know what the ad was for, but I looked at it and I had to look at it again, and then a third time. Then I put the ad in front of Schaun and watched his reaction. He looked at me and I knew he saw it too.

Do you see it?

For us, it is like seeing Bridget in the ad.

ETA: For the curious, the ad was the picture of the girl above. Notice that part of her bangs are cut. It said, 25% less bangs. Bad. Then there was a picture of a kid drinking a Capri Sun. It said 25% less sugar. Good. (stupid ad if you ask me)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Graduates

Here are some photos of the graduating girls. Kelsie from high school and Bridget has made it all the way through Kindergarten! They both had caps and gowns, so we had to take photos! Oh and Becca was feeling a little left out, so she struck a pose for me at the end. After the little photo session the girls took a few minutes to play!

America got it right!

I'm so happy about American Idol! Let me just talk about this while some other super cute photos download. While watching David Cook rock with ZZ Top, my husband and I are agreeing on how great he is. Then my funny guy says, David Archuleta is going to come out singing with somebody like Wham! I chuckled at that, but I almost laughed myself off the chair when the guys did a group song of Wham and THEN sat astonished when George-freaking-Michael came out on stage. It was so funny! I accused him of reading a spoiler but he insists he didn't--it was a really funny moment though!

David Cook rocks! I think he could give Carrie Underwood (who sang and looked FANTASTIC tonight) a run for being the best Idol yet.

Fun photos

Before going to visit Gramma on Sunday, I got a few shots just for fun.

90th Birthday

It was a big weekend. Kelsie graduated and my Gramma turned 90 on Sunday! We took her a cake, flowers, cards, presents and a cat. The cat didn't stay of course! My mom has been having a lot this really pretty crystal jewelry made for Gramma, so we gave her a jewelry box to keep it in. She seemed to really like that. It was a fun visit and I hope it was a good birthday.

Congratulations Kelsie!

Saturday evening Schaun and I watched (from very high) as his sister, Kelsie, received her high school diploma. Wow! I can only hope that my girls will take after their Aunt Kelsie, in many ways, but especially academically. It is still soaking in that little Kelsie just graduated from high school! She was around 5 years old when I became part of the family and met her. Time flies!

Congratulations Kelsie! I wish you the very best. You absolutely deserve it!

I didn't take the Rebel with me, just my little Canon. It is so slow that I missed her actual walk! Look at that big class of graduates! They were a rowdy bunch too. I lost count of how many beach balls and balloons the "graduate guards" took away during the ceremony--it was entertaining.


Here are some cards I made for a card swap.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

School Photos

I guess I should have edited the white edges off, sorry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Party Time!

Becca's 4th birthday party was so much fun! We had a magician/balloon artist come to entertain the kids and he was so great! The kids and adults all enjoyed his performance. Becca received some fantastic presents from friends and family, thank you to everybody! She wanted a Thomas the Train theme and she was so happy about her cake. I hope everybody enjoyed the time as much as we did!