Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Breaking

First let me begin with acknowledge that I'm aware that pictures from Bridget's birthday have not been posted. I will in the next post. Promise.

We are on Spring Break this week. The weather has not been great. Cloudy, dreary, and damp. I'd rather be in England if this is the weather I have to live with. We are trying to make the most of the time off though. Schaun took off a few days early in the week to join in the fun, but he went back today, with some story about things falling apart without him there, blah, blah, blah.

Monday we took the girls to Bump City. It was VERY crowded. Bridget seemed to enjoy this a lot more than Becca. I think crowds bother Becca more than Bridget. We left, went home for a bit, then went to enjoy some Applebee's (Monday kids eat for .99).

Tuesday was not a lot of fun. We tried to go roller skating, but it was so crowded we couldn't even get in the door. Plan B was bowling. We walked out without playing when they told us that it would be $55 to play two games! Since when did bowling start to cost that much. On to Plan C...that was going to Target and buying the girls each an item. I figure, if we are going to spend money on entertainment, might as well be something that they keep rather that pricey bowling.

Later that evening we went to eat dinner at Cinzetti's (kids eat free on Monday and Tuesdays)

My plan is to not cook and feed the kids almost for nothing.

Wed started with everybody sleeping in late and not being motivated to do anything really. I told the girls we could go swimming. I got the hours mixed up and they only got to be in the pool for about 45 mins when they closed. Luckily, they opened again in the evening, so we went back later and swam for another 2 hours. After swimming, we dropped by to see Papa and Gramma, where Papa fed the girls dinner. Thanks for that meal!

Today is actually beautiful out! Almost 60 and sunny! Wendy gave us some discount ticket passes to see Disney on Ice, but the tickets must be purchased direct from the Sprint Center box office. So that is where we traveled to this morning. Got our our wonderfully priced tickets and then headed to the Plaza for a little walking and some picture taking. The girls were super cooperative (a little ice cream bribe goes a long way) and I got a some good shots.

After the Plaza, my neighbor Lynne was having a tea party. We headed to her house for some tasty treats. Thanks Lynne!

I am looking forward to summer soooo much! I am enjoying this time off.