Saturday, April 19, 2008


On Thursday I drove up North to pick up a headboard for Becca's bed. It wouldn't be right to drive all that way and not meet up with my Northland friend Shawn. We stopped by a scrapbook store that neither of us had been to yet. Then we had a yummy Mexican lunch. After lunch I introduced Bethany to Pop Rings (insert evil laugh). Then off to the expanded Florilegium for some fibericious eye-candy. Mother Nature was polite enough to wait until I made my treck home before she started to dump the rain. Here are a couple photos of Shawn with Bethany, Becca and me, and Becca proudly showing off her green/blue tongue from her Pop Ring.

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Shawn said...

yeah thanks for that she wants one all the time! eww that pic of me yuck! I think my hair is too short :( We had fun too!