Sunday, January 27, 2008

What I'm Looking Forward to in February

This is a blog challenge by my friend Kelly. I always look forward to February for a couple reasons.

First, Bridget's birthday is this month and we have always had a big party for her. I don't really plan on it being a big party, but by the time all the family is invited, it turns out to be a lot of people. She is turning six this year. First grade next Fall. It is exciting and frightening at the same time. My time for sheltering her is over. I kept her at the Montessori school for Kindergarten because I love their program and also because I just didn't want to sent her off to elementary yet.

Second, I just hate January. It is cold, this year even worse than others. We are coming off the Christmas high and have to wait another whole year for that again. Eck! Just a boring, cold month! February brings us closer to Spring!

This year we have something really exciting and new to look forward to. We are moving! The time has come and I am ready! We don't have it final where we are going, but we are going. There are a couple driving factors for this move. One, we are financially able to, YEAH! Two, we live in the boundaries of an elementary school that I will not send Bridget to. So we either move, or I am going to have to find a "valid district reason" for transferring her. I'm so excited about this. I am tired of living here and wasting our money on this house. The noise from the highway is just horrible. We went from living in an ultra quiet little city (not that I liked it there, but it was quiet) to having a major highway practically in our back yard. It was not well thought out and we have regretted it daily since. Monday we are going to make some serious, grown-up decisions!

Next week I am going to start major purging of our stuff--okay, mostly my stuff, but it's out of here. Craig's list is will become a good friend. I'm going to start packing, so I'm on the look out for good boxes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sawyer's Birthday Party

Sunday, we went out in the FREEZING cold to Sawyer's first birthday party. He seemed to enjoy it as much any any one year old enjoys their party. He got to smash cake in his face and open presents with some help from all the other kids. Kristin had a kid buffet set up with goldfish crackers. gummy bears. chocolate teddy grahams, twizzlers, crackers, and cheese. So with all that and the cake and ice cream, the kids were all sugared up and it was crazy!

Run, Run, Run, Run, DROP

This describes Becca's day. She never stops. When she just cannot go any longer she drops.

A bunch of silly girls

A few weeks ago Norma brought Clara, and Chloe over to play. I tell you what--4 girls are LOUD! They all seemed to have fun though. They ran, played, ate pizza, watched some High School Musical, and were just silly. I got to hang out and chat with Norma. I really enjoyed the evening and hope we can get together again soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sawyer

Today my nephew Sawyer turns one! I know he has a big day planned with presents, lunch, and cake! He is having a party next weekend, but I hope today is great (even though he won't remember, lol).

I went to a short crop last night. It was with the employees at The Scrapbook Page. I really need much longer blocks of time to get anything done. I did get some class work done and some cards for a swap (that was due last week, yikes!). I have a class to teach tonight. The first one of the year. We are making Valentine's Day cards-- I love all the red, pink, and hearts. I don't have another class until the end of the month, so maybe I can work on some stuff for me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since I am getting harassing emails about not updating, I guess I better get on it. I don't have any photos to share. This week started "normal" life again. Schaun is back to work, Bridget and Becca are back to school. I spend a lot of time driving up and down Quivira getting them there.

Becca was bouncing off the walls excited to see Caden on return to preschool. She only goes on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and only for a few hours. The rest of the time she spends asking when we are going to pick up Bridget. Awwwwwww, she misses her sister.

Bridget has some new friends at school and she was happy about that. She always gives me updates about who is there and who is not. They have a lot of Asian and Indian families and they travel back to their homelands often. When they go it is a long trip, like a month or so. It seems many of them have not returned from Christmas break yet.

I have received information from both schools that next month is when summer and fall registration begins. I'm feeling a little stressed about the unknown of next year for Bridget. I know that I want Becca to spend the next two years at the Montessori school, so that is easy. I know that I do not want Bridget to attend the elementary school where we live. I am hoping we can move, but if that doesn't happen fast enough, I don't know what to do.

I have been spending a lot of time organizing and purging my scrap area. I have too much paper (along with other old supplies). Bridget wants to scrapbook with me now, so I'm going to share a lot of this with her. First, I have to make room for it all. I have to force myself to do this.

Not much else to report. Both girls are going to be in the dance recital this year. I have not seen the costumes yet, but they measured the girls last night. I do know that they will both be doing tap routines. Kelsie--are you sure you don't want to do a Senior dance with your nieces? I'm sure it would be the talk of the show. LOL!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Kitchen

Santa brought the girls a Grand Walk in Kitchen. They love this thing. They pretend cook, play restaurant, and Bridget uses the bar as a desk. I was against this giant thing at first, but now I'm glad that Schaun insisted on it.