Friday, March 21, 2008

Disney Princess Wishes on Ice


This show was phenomenal! It was worth every penny! The costumes were great! The sound was good. The skaters were fantastic! I just loved it! Oh! The girls were excited about it too. I didn't tell them what we were doing until we pulled up in front of the building this morning. There were a lot of little girls dressed in Princess attire. Bridget noticed right away and asked why there were all the girls dressed up in the streets. They were SO EXCITED when I told them what we were there for.

We had really good seats--4 rows from the ice. Very fun! My favorite was the Sleeping Beauty part. The dragon was so cool and it was a real fire breathing dragon! They actually lit the ice on fire. I was super impressed!

Becca and Bridget can't decide on their favorite part. Since we have been home all they have done in act out the show over and over. I guess they really did like it. Bridget did love it all but she is all about Tinker Bell. Tink was sort of the host of the show. She would come out and sprinkle pixie dust around between Princesses. It rained bubbles during the Ariel scene and that was a huge hit with the entire audience. (I took a lot of photos, but it is hard to take great photos of people ice skating.)

It was such a fun day!


Kristin Michelle said...

your photos turned out great! glad all three of the girls enjoyed the show!

Shawn said...

Love the photos! I can't wait until bethany is a wee bit older to start doing some of this fun stuff!