Sunday, March 09, 2008

You can't even imagine

So I left the old house last night about midnight.

Basically the garage and basement were full of LOTS of stuff.

There was just so so so much. Too much for me to deal with. So I posted my ad for a Garage Free Sale on Craig's list this morning. You wouldn't believe it! It was hilarious the amount of people that showed and loaded up. I had enough to fill a trailer and several pickup trucks. People just loaded and loaded and loaded. They took anything I would let them. There were so many trucks lining the street my neighbor came to see what was going on (since we moved out and all, lol). It is hard for me to give stuff away like this, but it was absolutely necessary. It feels so good to be rid of all of that.

Now things are controllable. Whew! Such a relief.


Kristin Michelle said...

i told you purging feels good!
glad it is gone!

Shawn said...

so glad you got someone to take it for you! Good for you for not throwing it away!! :)

Maricar said...

You should have taken a picture of the full basement and garage. And, LOL, I would have been knocking on your door to look at free stuff too!

Mcmuffy said...

I bet it was fun watching all the stuff you didn't want get new homes. And you didn't have to haul it away.