Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A living commercial

So maybe Bridget watches too much tv--maybe. Very often she informs me of the benefits of things she has seen on commercials. Space Bags and The Organizer purse are her favorites. She has explained the benefits of these to me in detail many times. Tonight she told me that she needs some Reeses Puffs cereal because when you eat them "amazing things happen to you". When she says these things it just cracks me up. Just thinking about the sincerity she has when she informs me of these things always makes me laugh.


Annette said...

This is too funny!

Mcmuffy said...

That is so funny!! Don't you just love hearing things like that?
Hunter does that too. He thinks I need a Swiffer floor clearner. Cause it really cleans good.

Micki said...

PBS and Noggin. Commercial free. Gotta love that.

And for the record, Space Bags tear way too easily.


Kristin Michelle said...

is she trying to tell you that you are unorganized slob?