Monday, March 24, 2008

A fence story

I thought moving to a house without a fenced yard would be a huge big deal. So far, it has not been that much of an issue (except for not being able to keep the neighbor's puppy out). The dogs are doing an amazing job of staying where they should be. I think I have only had to redirect them one time in the past month.

I do want the yard fenced though. We only need about 33 feet to finish it. I am shocked at the price of 33 feet of fence. So far I have received two bids--$700 and $650! Really? Those prices do include a gate also, but still. That just seems high to me.

I have checked out the DIY fence building and it doesn't seem THAT hard. You might soon find me outside with a shovel and nails.


Maricar said...

Don't do it. Don't build it yourself. It's worth the money.

Shawn said...

Just let me know so I can bring my camera :) hehe Home improvement stuff is expensive it seems like labor costs about what the supplies cost. Hopefully you can find someone cheaper!!

Annette said...

Yes, listen to Maricar. But that price isn't horrible. We got some fencing done in October and that sounds reasonable to me. But it never hurts to check around.

KELLY said...

My husband and his brother did our fence, it can be done! (And look nice)
(Across the back and front - didn't have to do sides)