Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Not frozen water.
My cat. Her name is Ice (for those that don't already know that).
She is old.
18 years to be precise.

For some time now, she has had litter box issues. Sometimes she will use it and sometimes not. I did find that when she chooses not to use it she will use the little puppy potty training pads right next to the stupid box that she is ignoring. So it is unpleasant, but under control. She does have some weird issues. You cannot leave a towel on the bathroom floor and I cannot have any sort of bathmats. Those are magnets for her to wet on them.

She doesn't look very good. What is to be expected from a 18 year old cat though.
She wants to eat all the time and I have been feeding her 3-4 times a day now, but she is not gaining or loosing weight.

These are not good things health wise I know. BUT she doesn't seem to be in pain or have any other signs of sickness.

Today I caught her trying to wet on my brand spankin new dining room (aka playroom) area rug. I caught her and sent her packing to the proper place. This is a new problem.

I have internal conflict. I know she is not the cute, playful kitty she once was. She sneezes on you sometimes and it is yucky. She has bathroom issues. She tries to steal every bite of food from your plate. I also don't want my house ruined and smelly.

Can I justify the inevitable end sooner rather than later?
I sensibly feel that I should, but.........
I just don't know if I really can.

Off to get some tissues now.


Maricar said...

Ugh. That truly is a dilemma. I'm not a pet person, so I won't even try to offer any suggestions or words of wisdom. I'll simply agree with you -- this is a dilemma.

Shawn said...

oh kerry what a hard decision. I think she has led a good life, it may be better for her and your family not to see her suffer. It just may be her time :( hugs to you

jrchaard said...

What they did to Terri shivo (see 2 years ago) was described by her lawyer as one of the most beautiful things ever. You might think about food and water deprivation so Ice can also have a beautiful end.

Micki said...

Its a hard decision to make and I feel for you. When we had to make that choice it was a little different but no less hard. Thinking of you during this difficult period.

Lisa said...

Kerry, my heart goes out to you. I don't know what I'd do in that situation, but I know you'll do what's best. Hugs.