Sunday, May 24, 2009

Butterfly Birthday

On her birthday we went out to dinner at the Blue Moose. It was a great meal and she got a cute Little Pet Shop toy from Bridget and we gave her a new Hello Kitty bike. Neither of the girls know how to ride a bike, and Becca's was way too small. So that is something we are going to work on this summer--riding bikes.

For her family party, over the weekend, she wanted a butterfly theme. I found some cute decorations but not a cake. So I decided to attempt making my own. It actually turned out looking pretty and it tasted good. Score me! So while I was feeling successful and I made a bunch of cupcakes too.

It was a beautiful day out for this party. We went simple this year with a few snack and cake. Everybody ended up outside enjoying the weather after cake and presents. (Which she got everything she wanted!)

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