Sunday, May 24, 2009

End of the year

The end of the school year has come for Becca and me. Bridget still has school on Tuesday and 1/2 the day Wed. (which is just dumb). I plan on returning next year, hopefully they want me back. I have not had my review yet, I go in next week for that.

The families of the kids in my class went together and bought me a super-fantastic gift card to Archivers. I was so excited about that! They were very generous with me.

Now I have 10 weeks off before school resumes. I have a few things to get done. I must clean out my garage. It is embarrassing to even have the door open. Tonight I decided to do something about the railing in front of our house. It is a wrought iron rusty thing that is ugly. It should not be too hard to take care of. The clothes situation is out of control. I need to unload some too small clothing and organize the summer and winter clothes. Right now, most of it is in my bedroom and I want it out. Then, there is always my scraproom. It is looking better than a few days ago, but needs a bit more work so I can actually use the room for it's purpose--scrapbooking!

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Lisa said...

I'm jealous of your time out of work--hoping you get lots of projects done and that you get to relax a little bit, too :)