Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fun stuff!

Last week seemed to last forever. All the rain, yuk. I am so tired of wearing the same clothes over and over to work. (I know, poor me). Today we had some fun though. First me and the girls went out to some garage sales this morning just for fun. They think it is great to search for little things. Today we found a box of Little Pet Shop toys. That was a big score!

Second we went to the Young Champion Cheerleading Showcase. It was so cute! They are on the same squad which has been a fun thing. In the end all the girls get a trophy and a medal--this was super exciting for them! Bridget doesn't even get nervous in these sort of things. She loves it. Her actions get bigger and more exaggerated than they are during practice. She really knows how to put on a performance. Becca was nervous, but did a great job and kept a smile while she did it. I love this stuff!

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Lynne said...

Too Cute !!! Love the photo of Becca's foot on Bridgets back. Only at Cheer girls only at cheer. :o)