Sunday, May 24, 2009

Becca's birthday

In May we celebrate Becca's birthday (along with many other family members). It is a busy month every year and with working this year, it was just crazy.

Becca got to have three celebrations: one at school and two at home. At school they do a celebration of life. They sing a song "the Earth goes round the sun, the Earth goes round the sun, the Earth goes round the sun tra-la, and now Becca is one". While they sing, Becca carries the globe around the the months of the year that are on the floor. They do this for each year of the age.

While Becca was going around the months the first time, she was a little nervous and going too fast. She stepped on one of the laminated months on the floor, slipped and fell, the globe she was holding flew out of her hands, bounced and hit another girl smack on her forehead.

I sat and watched as it seemed to go in slow motion. Thankfully no one cried. Becca got the globe back quickly and it was as if it didn't even happen. But it did and it was damn funny!

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