Saturday, September 06, 2008

Between Sisters

(Sometimes I make posts just so I can remember. They may not be interesting to most)

We used to go eat at China Star every week with my Aunt and Gramma. Most of the people that work there know us. We have not been there in months and months. The girls request to go there every week. Last night we took them and it was a good time.

Schaun is not crazy about Chinese and he went for the little salad bar they have. He commented that it was not much of a salad bar at all. Bridget informed him that this is a Chinese place, not a salad bar and Becca told him that salads are for girls.

One of the men that works there and has for years came over, said hello, and commented on how big the girls are getting. He has seen the girls since they were babies. Then Becca said when she has her own babies she will bring them here to eat. Bridget then said to Becca-- When you come with your babies, call me and I will come with you. They are so cute!

I love it when I see sweet things between them. Yesterday, the first thing Bridget said when getting off the bus was that she had a surprise for Becca. She told Becca that Kate had a "Smartie Party" at school today (I still don't know what that was about). Every one got 2 rolls of Smarties. Bridget doesn't like these much so she ate one and saved the other for her sister that does like them. Awwwww.

This morning Becca is up with me and Bridgt is still asleep. Becca is very busy downstairs arrangng things. I asked what she was doing ( as she pulls tons of things from playroom to living room) and she says she is making a clubhouse for Bridget. She wants to have it perfect so Bridget will be surprised and happy. More Awwwwwwww's!


Shawn said...

We miss eating there too. That is so sweet about the girls. I'm so sad to hear about your sweet puppy. :( She is in a better place out of pain. Take care and hugs to all of you.

Maricar said...

Cherish those moments and remember them when you girls are fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first. :)