Saturday, September 27, 2008

The other morning

My sister-in-law was very pregnant (she actually delivered today and Kristin has pics on her blog). I had mentioned to the girls that they would have a new cousin soon. So just randomly Becca says to Bridget "I wonder how the baby gets out." I was finishing packing Bridget's lunch and we had about 2 minutes until the bus arrived. I decided to pretend I didn't hear them talking....although they were standing right next to me. Becca thought they came out from down there (with a point to the proper place) or that maybe they were cut out. Things just make sense to this kid. I find it amazing sometimes. Bridget thinks different. She suggested that "the babies come out of your mouth." Becca thought about it and finally said "No, that can't be right. That would make your throat REALLY sore." Bridget who is not a fan of babies, again confirmed with herself how she doesn't want any part of having them.

I kept my laughter to myself (to avoid acknowledging the whole conversation, not that they asked me) and I hurried them out the door to catch Bridget's bus.


Micki said...

Trinity thinks she came out of my belly button. At this point I'm not going to dispel that myth. Congrats on the new baby! I hope Amy and the new baby girl are wonderful!

Mcmuffy said...

How funny! What a great conversation. Congrats on the new baby niece.