Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow! Where have I been?

I've been busy around here. Last Sunday we had a going away party for my sister-in-law. She is leaving for Los Angeles in a couple weeks for school. It wasn't a huge party--friends and family. Any party requires extra cleaning though. Schaun cooked his usual feast of delicious meats.

Bridget has been learning to adjust to a new school and new people. She has had a hard week. A friend from last year is not treating her very nice. She is missing her old friends and is sad. She hurt herself in P.E. and on the playground a couple times too. That just makes things feel worse for her. I hate that she feels sad, out of place, and even bored during the day. I have been sitting with her and Becca every night for a long time. We have been reading lots of books and I found some fun, educational games on the computer. She still wants to go to school everyday, so things are not terrible. I think she is just feeling "home sick" for the Montessori school.

I'm sure she will adjust to this new setting soon, but it sucks to see your kid sad.

I'm so glad to see the rain leave for now. Our grass was out-of-control long. Our mower is not doing well and Schaun didn't think it would make it through this tough cutting. So he was doing a happy dance when I told him I hired the teen next door to mow it this time around. Now we won't lose Daisy out in the yard!

My job is going well. I'm getting used to all those boys. They do things that seem weird to me and make gross sounds that they find hilarious, but the days go smoother now. Becca is doing so fantastic in her class. She is happy and loves it, so that is a relief.


Shawn said...

We are going to have to mow again soon it's crazy how much it has grown! I'm so glad I don't have boys! They are just trouble!!

Maricar said...

Boys are a blessing ... just a special kind of blessing. Hah.

Mcmuffy said...

It is hard to watch your kids stuggle at school. Girls can be so mean to each other. I had to laugh at you getting used to the boys. They do make gross sounds and do silly things. I'm still adjusting to that myself.