Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly randomness

Bridget is suffering from some allergies, or maybe a cold. Not sure. Either way, she has an annoying cough. A small little tickle in your throat sort of cough. She is coughing during the movie and Becca says and shows her how to cough in your elbow. Bridget sasy "I know that Becca". Becca says "Then DO it".

Made me laugh

Bridget got off the bus today all upset and started crying the minute she saw me. Some silliness happened and a boy bothered her and got her wet with the water in her water bottle. In her tears she says "He even has weird hair. It's like mohawk". So I gently reminded her that some people might think that having pink stripes in your hair might seem weird. "No mom! That is just cool!"

Okkkkkkkkkay. Just saying.

Becca is studying the Earth. As we were all just sitting around doing our own things she randomly says "Hey, did you know the Milky Way is made of stars and gases and NOT milk?" She doesn't even look up from whatever she was doing. Just sharing random facts.

Thanks Becca.

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