Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter photos

I am usually more prepared for Easter than I was this year. I was running around at the last minute getting a few things ready for this morning. The girls got up early to check out their baskets and gather the hidden eggs. I got them new dresses, so we had to shower and get cleaned up for a few photos. It was tough getting good shots this morning since there is no sun, but they are still ok.

We colored over 2 dozen eggs last night. Bridget wanted to sky-dye some of hers. I kept telling her that it is tie (or is that tye?, whatever) tie dye (is that right? dye?). Ok, moving on from my lack of spelling skills....... We have a yummy dinner planned. Honey Baked ham, green bean cassarole, scalloped taters, and a chocolate angel food cake for our strawberry shortcake. Mmmmmmmmm.

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