Friday, April 03, 2009


Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences for both girls. They are both doing great. Both teachers gave me some work as examples of things they are currently doing. One of Bridget's things was this book that was part of her writing assessment. It was a fairly big project for first grade. They had to brainstorm an idea, organize it into a book form with the story and illustrations. (okay, I tried to get these in order, but it's taking too long).
Here is how it is suppose to go:
Cover page with drawing of cat, title is "Ice the cat"
Inside cover says "detukatide to my family"
Page one "my famely got a cat. she is nise to to me." this page has a drawing of me, Schaun, and Bridget going to a pet shop to get Ice. (total fiction!)
Page two ""She is good wen sumone come's to are haws.". drawing of me and Bridget with Ice, along with a cat bed.
Page three " I like her so much. That Id hug her." drawing of Bridget hugging Ice.
Page four "Then one day she dide. I miss her." drawing of a sad Bridget, cat bed, and Ice dead--her tongue is hanging out of her mouth. This cracks me up!
Page five " It made me crie so much" drawing of a crying Bridget, no cat, with cat bed. She even drew in the ceiling fan.
Page six "I loved her joost as much as my family." drawing of me, Schaun, Bridget all sad with the cat bed again.

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