Sunday, March 15, 2009

this sucks

Okay, so Friday was a breeze compared to Saturday. Saturday was a nightmare. Overnight from Friday to Saturday things went downhill fast. By Saturday morning, she was in so much pain and then started to run a fever. I talked to a doctor at KU and they said to give her Motrin in between the tylenol doses. Sounds great and easy enough.

Right. That was until she realized how much it hurt just to swallow anything. She says the tylenol with codeine burns. Tiny little sips of water made her scream in pain, so the medicine is just awful. She would sip and then press her hands onto her ears and scream from the pain. It was just awful, terrible, miserable. Schaun and I had to hold her down to get some Motrin in her because the tylenol was doing nothing for the rising fever. A teaspoon and a half suddenly become a huge amount.

Then in all the discharge papers they give you it says not to use Motrin because it prevents clotting and they don't want any bleeding after surgery. So it all conflicts. She is in pain still. She is running a fever still (but it is much lower now). She will not eat but she is hungry. I can hear her stomach grumbling. I have to beg, plead, and threaten her to drink tiny little sips of water.

This is much worse than I imagined. I wish the damn codeine medicine would at least make her sleepy since it is not doing much for her pain.

I hope Bridget never needs this done. I don't think it would happen for her.


Shawn said...

oh no kerry. I hope she feels better soon. :(

JOCO SOB said...

you are such a breath of sunshine

Lisa said...

I can't imagine that....hope she's feeling better soon.

Kerry said...

hey's sunny outside, look out a window xoxo