Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Becca

We were suppose to be at the Surgery Center at 8am this morning and the procedure was scheduled for 8:45. I got up early, got us all ready, and left in plenty of time. That was until I got a few miles down the highway and we realized we did not have Heart Blankie. Exit, turn around, retrieve blanket, start over 10 minutes later. We arrived 8 minutes late--not too bad.

From the start she was uncooperative. She would not let anybody look in her mouth. She would not take deep breathes for the doctors to listen to her lungs, she would not talk. Stubborn. Then when it was time, the doctor gave her a piggy back ride to the room. It took about 40 minutes before the doctor came out and told me it all went fine. She was again amazed at how large the tonsils and especially the adenoids were.

Then they take me back to recovery. I had no problem finding the right bed. Becca was screaming "I WANT TO GO HOME" over and over and over and over and loud as possible. She was throwing herself around in the bed and swinging at people. Sweet huh?

They started in on this whole bit about how it is scary for kids and blah, blah, blah. I said this is behavior I have seen from her before and it will continue for some time. The decision was quickly made to give her a sedative. Then things went much better.

They warned me that it is common for kids to vomit in the car ride home. Actually, her doctor kept saying "puke" and I thought it was funny to hear from the doctor. Thankfully that didn't happen. She slept all the way! Unfortunately, they would not give me have any sedative or let me bring any home.

Now we are home and she is all camped out on the sofa. She was hungry and ate a popsicle, yogurt, pudding, and is now waiting for me to get her some ice cream. We had a battle over taking the pain medicine--I am dreading that every 4 hours! They said today would be her best eating day and I just need to make sure she is drinking the rest of the week.

Bridget is with her Papa today. She has been so clingy to me the last couple months, this is good for her. They went and got the medicine from the pharmacy for me and dropped it off here. It was up to her if she stayed home or went back, she didn't even want to come in. So it is just Becca and me hanging out for a while.

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