Monday, March 16, 2009

it still sucks

My husband informed me that I am not being very positive. Please make a note of this day--he is right. (Just on this one thing though).

Becca is still in pain. She is angry. She wants to hit me all the time. She hit Bridget last night. She did eat a little for dinner last night. She had a couple good hours yesterday afternoon. Things seems to go bad over the night hours. At 5am she told me her stomach felt yucky and then ran to the toilet. There was not much in her to come up. She started running a fever again, but she did fall back to sleep. At 8am she woke up, had a couple sips to drink then again ran to the toilet. It was worse this time. Thankfully there was not any blood.

So now, she is asleep. She still has a fever. She has not had any pain medicine for 9 1/2 hours. I called and waited an hour for the nurse to call me back. Told her our tale of woe and she said she would call me back again after speaking to the doctor. Great, that helps. I dread her waking up. She is going to hurt so much.

It takes quite a bit to bring me to tears, but this is doing it. We did this so she could sleep better. She has never dealt with sickness beyond and cold. She has never had pain to deal with. Maybe this was the wrong choice. Ugh. I hope the nurse calls with some great plan.

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I am Maricar said...

Hang in there, Friend. It is worth it. It was a good decision. She will get better. Hang in there.