Monday, March 02, 2009

Rainbow Birthday

The first couple pictures here are from Thursday, the actual birthday. The rest are from the weekend.

When I asked Bridget what sort of party she wanted, it was "rainbow". I had to be a little creative as the party store didn't have the rainbow theme ready for me to purchase.

I did find some rainbow decorations that worked. My proud moment was my rainbow cake. It turned out so pretty. We also had a rainbow of m&m's, fruity pebble and fruit loop crispie treats, rainbow goldfish and twizzlers.

I'm not going to put Saturday's photos on here because I don't know if all the girls parents would approve.

I took pictures of the cake before I baked it because it seemed interesting.

4 comments: said...

You did good! The cake looked great & I am also happy to see you blogging again! I missed you - don't get that facebook thing so much! Your girls look great.

Stacy said... pics. it was good to see you guys. Glad Bridget had a bday since I never got the dinner invite :)

Shawn said...

How fun! I love the cake you made! Glad she had a good bday :)

I am Maricar said...

Impressive, Mom.