Monday, March 02, 2009

Better blogging

Okay, so I have been a horrible blogger. This is mostly due to the discovery of Facebook. But I'm gonna try harder over here.

First off, Bridget turned seven last Thursday. I can see such change in her. She can understand and reason out things so much more. She is also testing a lot. She says that she seems to know are wrong, but waits for my reaction. She is very kind hearted girl, but is trying out some mean words. It makes me sad and I have made it very clear to her that it is not acceptable here.

Anyways.....last Thursday I was off work so Becca and I went and joined Bridget for lunch and treats with her class at school. We usually go to Rain Forest Cafe for her birthday, but since they closed we didn't know what to do. I thought about going to play mini-golf but then all plans got canceled by Becca. She has this weird fever going on most of last week. So we stayed home and had Chinese delivery. Everyone was happy with that.

Bridget didn't ask for much. The thing she has been asking for is a pogo stick. She wanted one last year, but I said no. Well, I ordered her one and I don't think she is heavy enough to make it bounce. Becca wanted to get something for her too. She chose a bunny Webkinz.

We had 2 parties over the weekend--one for school friends and one for family. I'm going to post those pictures separate.

Below is the wish list she made. It is so sweet. In case you don't read as phonetic as she writes, it says: gift certificate, love, hug, kisses, crayons, pencils, Wii dance, clothes, flowers, blankets.


Lynne said...

I can forsee a scrap book page around that little slip of paper. :o)

Kerry said...

You are so right!