Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally some nice weather!

We finally had some nice days this week! It is so much easier to get where you need to go when you are not loaded down in layers of clothes and coats.

Since I have not blogged much, I should share some of the activities we are doing around here. A couple Mondays a month, Bridget goes to Daisy Girls Scouts. I am the leader of her Troop and that has been fun this year. In a couple weeks we have our first field trip.

Every week, both girls, go to cheerleading and dance. In dance, they are working hard to learn the dances they will perform at the recital in June. They both have cute costumes this year. I did not like Bridget's construction cone orange costume last year. This year she will be in a ballet wearing pink and Becca is doing a tap performance in red. Cute!

At Christmas we were able to finally get a piano. I have wanted one for so long. Bridget loves it and desperately wanted to take lessons. Through one of her classmates, we found a reasonable teacher. This is the 4th activity of the week. Her teacher has a daughter that is in First grade at Bridget's school. Sometimes she stays at her house after the lesson to play for a while. Becca HATES when this happens. Becca does not believe that anything should happen without her. So yesterday, during piano time, Becca and I went to a park and enjoyed the weather.

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