Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just some things

Today I got to chase a school bus down the road.

This was Bridget's last day of school before Spring Break. For fun, they had a movie party in her class. (They got a certain number of points for behavior and this was the prize). She got to take her pj's, a pillow, and a special snack. I sent a small pillow with her for a couple reasons. One, I didn't want her to share it with a friend. (There has been a lice issue in the school this year). Two, she has to take it back and forth on the bus, and a large pillow is just too much.

I guess a small pillow is too.

She came home and seemed really tired and looked pale. I had her chill out on the sofa. There has been a serious Strep problem in her classroom. 11 of the 20 kids have had it in the last 2 weeks--one day last week, 4 kids were sent home! So far, somehow, it has skipped her. I figured that since the last thing I want is for Becca to be in direct contact with Strep, now would be when Bridget gets it. But it seems she was just tired and I was over-reacting. She was chilling for about 10 minutes when she burst out in tears. In her tears and panic she tells me she left her pillow on the bus.

Well, she is one of the first dropped off the bus and I sort of know the route. We jumped in the van and raced around the corner to see if we had missed Mr. Wayne on his last street. I couldn't believe it when he came around the corner! So as he is driving down the street, out of the neighborhood, I am flashing my lights, honking, and waving at him. He saw us and stopped. He knew what we were after and had it ready for me at the door. Pillow saved from Spring Break on a bus.

We found out today that Becca's surgery is set for early Friday morning. My wonderful neighbor is going to be gone over the weekend, but she gave Becca an early get-well bag of goodies today. So thoughtful! She packed up a bunch of her dvd's for us to watch, gave her a huge bag of Jello and pudding, new coloring books and big coloring pages, crayons, stickers, a sticker book, a puzzle, maybe more. See, I told you she was wonderful. Thanks Lynne!

Lastly, I am happy to have American Idol back on. I totally love the new rule this year too. I not surprised about the results tonight. I would have kept Jasmine over Megan, but that's okay. People ask me if I actually call in and vote--yes I do. Last night I made many calls for Danny!

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Lisa said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for Becca :) And this is how far I am behind in things....I didn't even realize Idol had started again. WTH have I been??