Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That is how I'm feeling about life in general. Things just feel a little off so far this year. I guess it's just not me. I only see or hear a few minutes of news a week. Enough to know that things are crappy all around, but I didn't think enough to "get" me.

A lot of my feeling is Becca's tonsillectomy on Friday. For my kid that has never even had antibiotics, this is a major deal. Taking a part of her out. Yikes! It scares the crap out of me. What if she starts getting sick all the time after this? I will be so mad at myself. Why would she start getting sick though? She will just be able to sleep without interruption. That is the goal. We are doing this on Friday the13th. That seems like a bad deal. That is silly superstition, right? We do this on Friday and she will have 9 full days to recover over Spring Break. It should all be fine. I'm still a little freaked out about it.

As I worry about my things, Bridget has already started to worry and be sad about the end of her first grade year. She does not want to leave her class. She does not want a new teacher. There are only 2 months of school left after Spring Break. These are her words, her worries. Of course, those are in addition to everyday worries she has-- vampires getting in the house as bats thru the fireplace and scorpions hiding under the sofa. Poor Bridget.

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jgraham24@kc.rr.com said...

Dont worry Kerry everything will be fine on Friday. Bridget will come through like a trooper and you'll be kicking yourself for worrying.
As far as the rest of the daily news grind - god help us all !